Gerard Pique Net Worth: How Much Is Gerard’s Salary?

Gerard Pique Net Worth: Gerard Pique, a professional footballer for Spain, won the UEFA Euro 2012 and the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Together with Marcel Desailly, Paulo Sousa, and Samuel Eto’o, he is one of only four players in history to win the UEFA Champions League with two separate teams in consecutive years.

He plays centre-back for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. He joined the FC Barcelona youth academy in 1997, at the age of 10, having already shown an early interest in the sport. A young player with the talent, ambition, and passion to become a future football great, he blossomed swiftly.

He advanced through the ranks of youth baseball throughout the years and became renowned for his versatility and ability to play multiple infield positions. Despite playing defence, he gained a reputation for scoring goals, a trait that would be very advantageous to him in his future professional career.

When John O’Shea left Manchester United in 2004, he was the top choice to take his spot. A few years later, Gerard received an offer from FC Barcelona, which transformed the trajectory of his professional life. Additionally, he has played for Spain, making his debut in 2009.

Gerard Pique Net Worth
Gerard Pique Net Worth

Gerard Pique Early Life

Gerard Piqué Bernabeu was born in Barcelona, Spain, on February 2, 1987. Gerard was born and reared in a Catalan household, so he has strong ties to the Catalan culture and Barcelona FC. Piqué was a staunch supporter of Catalan independence in the 2017 referendum because of his deep roots in Catalan culture (his grandfather was the vice president of Barcelona FC).

As a result, many Spanish soccer enthusiasts condemned him for his highly heated beliefs. Gerard Pique started his career with FC Barcelona as a defensive midfielder. His hometown team had offered him a contract, but he took a free transfer to Manchester United instead. You may also read Blac Chyna’s Net Worth

Gerard Pique Career

Piqué debuted for Manchester United in 2004. For the ensuing few years, he served primarily as a substitute, coming on for injured starters. Due to his excellent play, he was offered a new contract, but Real Zaragoza managed to persuade him to return to Spain’s La Liga.

However, this was only a short-term loan, and in 2007, he moved back to England to resume playing for Manchester United. The following season, he started more games for Manchester United and made his Champions League debut.

While Piqué was developing into a promising player for the Red Devils and scoring goals at a prolific rate, the inevitable came in 2008. When Barcelona FC travelled to Old Trafford, Gerard couldn’t say no to the chance to see his team play in their home stadium.

The transfer cost to acquire him was £5,000,000. From the get-go, Piqué was in top form. He was a stalwart on defence, but he also kept scoring goals for his new squad. In 2009, he helped Barca win the Copa del Rey.

He also contributed to Barcelona FC’s victory that year in the Champions League, a victory against their rivals from Manchester United that allowed them to accomplish a treble. He re-signed with the club the following year, and they went on to win the Champions League and repeat as champions by beating Manchester United.

Piqué has committed to staying with Barça through 2019 by signing a new deal in 2014. With the help of Piqué, Barcelona won their third Champions League in 2015, this time against Juventus. Thus, Piqué became one of just eight players in history to win the treble twice with the same side.

Barcelona is the only other team to have won three consecutive titles. However, Barcelona’s golden age quickly gave way to a period of decline. By the late 2010s, the club’s membership had dwindled to nothing. Because Piqué was one of many elderly superstars at the club, the team put too much pressure on Messi to rescue them.

A humiliating 8-2 loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarterfinals in 2020 was the climax of Barcelona’s precipitous decline. They allowed Real Madrid to win the league title that season, too.

People quickly realised that the club needed to be redesigned from the ground up. When word of Messi’s rumoured departure began to spread, Piqué announced to the public that the club had finally reached its breaking point. Gerard also stated that he was willing to step aside for a new team if that was what was required.

As 2020 approached, there was much speculation over Piqué’s future with Barcelona FC. In international competition, Piqué first appeared with the Spanish national team in 2009. In 2010, he competed in the World Cup and was instrumental in his team’s triumph.

At the 2012 Euro Cup, which Spain won against Italy by a score of 4-0, he played every minute of every game. Before departing international football in 2019, he played for the Spanish national team for the following few years.

Gerard Pique Personal Life

Piqué first encountered Shakira in the World Cup anthem music video for “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” in 2010. When they first started dating in 2011, they quickly found out they were expecting twins. It was June of 2022, and they had already broken up.

Gerard Pique Net Worth
Gerard Pique Net Worth

Gerard Pique Net Worth

Gerard Pique Net Worth is $80 million. Piqué has been a stalwart of the Barcelona FC defence for quite some time and has seen and done incredible things in his time there. He’s considered among the top defenders in the world.

Gerard has also been a regular member of the Spanish national team. He participated in the teams that won the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 European Championship. Aside from his professional sporting career, Gerard is famous for his relationship with international music star Shakira from 2011 to 2022.

Real Estate

In 2015, Piqué and Shakira bought a property in Barcelona for 5 million euros. Located in the historic Pedralbes section of the Spanish capital, this property boasts a spacious 1,500 square feet. The mansion is encircled by extensive private gardens.

The gardens are hidden from view by tall trees, and the outside space features a pool and a waterfall. Incredible panoramas of the cityscape can be seen from all three floors of this home.

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