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‘Get Even’ Season 2: Confirmed Release Date Status, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

'Get Even' Season 2

Get Even, a BBC iPlayer and Netflix streaming series, has recently garnered a large viewership. The plot of the show centre around a group of classmates known as DGM. What exactly does DGM stand for?

It’s just a simple case of ‘Don’t get furious… get even.’ These four girls are well-known because they are dedicated to exposing bullies and combating cruelty at private high schools.

But how can a story end in such a way? The girls get themselves into problems and end up in a big mess after being suspected of murder. The fantastic plot twist will have you binge-watching the entire first season in one sitting. After a fantastic and successful first season, fans are eagerly anticipating season two.

Can we expect season 2 after a great first season that generated a lot of hype on both streaming platforms? Here are all of the details about Get Even Season 2 that have been gathered.

Has Get Even Been Renewed For Season 2?

There is still no word on whether Get Even will be renewed for a second season as of this writing.

Season one consisted of ten episodes that premiered on BBC iPlayer on February 14, 2020 and were later published on Netflix on July 31, 2020.

Both streamers have remained silent on whether or not the show would be renewed. Even fans who were enthralled by the first season’s episodes have been clamouring for a second season.

Fans, on the other hand, shouldn’t be too concerned. There is still a lot of material for the show to cover in terms of the source material. Get Even is based on Gretchen McNeil’s book series. A sequel book has already been released, and we can only assume that it will chronicle the events of season 2. We’ll go through this in greater detail later.

When Will Get Even Season 2 Release?

Unfortunately, no information about the second season has been released. Season 2 has not been renewed by the production firm, which is quite disappointing.

The first season of Get Even began on BBC iPlayer on February 14, 2020. After that, Netflix ordered the show and it will premiere on its platform on July 31, 2020.

Both streaming behemoths have been tight-lipped when it comes to the show’s renewal. Even fans who have only seen a single episode from the first season are eagerly anticipating a second season.

The maker’s two most critical tasks are to determine whether they have enough source material to continue the show next season and whether the show has a sufficient fanbase. Since its release on Netflix, Get Even has amassed a large following all around the world.

Furthermore, fans need not be concerned about the show’s source material, since there is still plenty to cover. Get Even is based on a book by Gretchen McNeil, for those who don’t know. We know they have source material remaining to cover because a sequel to that particular book has already been published. Perhaps the plot of the second season will be revealed in this follow-up book.

Because the world is experiencing a virus epidemic, the scheduling and filming of different online shows and films have been pushed back. So, if the show is renewed in the future, they will begin filming as soon as possible.

However, because of the covid-19, they may have to postpone their filming schedule. Taking all of this into account, we can anticipate the season starting in early 2022 or ending in late 2022.

The website will be updated as soon as the makers of Get Even Season 2 announce the release date.

We’ll keep you updated as things go.

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Get Even Season 1 Recap

As I previously stated, the show is based on Gretchen McNeil’s series of books. If you recall from season 1, the girls ultimately managed to catch Logan’s confession and reveal his narrative to the rest of the world.

They received some unpleasant news as a result of this. Kitty told the girls that her scholarship would not be renewed by the school. As a result, they’re in an odd situation as to how they can help Kitty stay in school.

As a result, the girls have made it their next goal and have committed to assist Kitty. Kitty’s future is in jeopardy, and DGM is the only one who can salvage her scholarship.

However, the DGM has its own set of issues, and they may be facing a more serious threat. After learning of the misdeeds of its personnel and students, the DGM threw the prominent people behind the jail. This is what happened at the conclusion of the first season.

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What Will Be The Plot Of Get Even Season 2?

You might be thinking about what could happen in season 2 now that I’ve refreshed your memories from season 1. The plot thickened at the end of the concert, and the audience couldn’t wait to see what the girls would do next.

As previously said, McNeil recently released a sequel to his book, and we were looking for the plot for Season 2. There’s a good probability that the second season will be based on the author’s second novel.

‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Dirty’ is the title of McNeil’s second book. According to the book’s premise, DGM, as well as the students and staff, will be at more risk. If you can’t wait for season 2, you should definitely read the novel first.

If you can’t wait to find out what happened to the DGM, the novel will contain all of the spoilers. We’re not going to give any spoilers because we know that not everyone enjoys reading novels.

Get Even Season 2: Cast

There has been no official announcement about the show’s cast, but there is a good probability that the main cast, which includes the four girls, would return to reprise their roles and continue their characters for the second season. Mia McKenna-Bruce will play Bree Deringer, Kim Adis will play Kitty Wei, Jessica Alexander will play Olivia Hayes, and Bethany Antonia will play Margot Rivers.

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There hasn’t been a trailer produced yet because the show hasn’t been renewed by the original creator. If we assume the show will premiere in early 2022, the teaser will most likely be released at the end of 2021. While you wait for season 2, you can refresh your memory by watching the season 1 trailer.

Here’s season 1’s trailer while waiting.

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