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As a former employee of UFA Co-operative Ltd, Glynn Stewart had worked for nearly eight long years. Prior to being promoted to Senior Financial Analyst and then Budget and Planning Analyst, he worked as the company’s first Senior Accounts Payable Clerk. In Calgary, Glynn worked as a Financial Analyst for the company’s agribusiness for eight months before moving back to the company’s headquarters in New York. Glynn joined Walton International Group in May 2013 as a senior financial analyst and worked there for two years.

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Glynn Stewart, a revered author, has amassed a net worth of $1 million thanks to his work as a CPA and the sales of his books. Find out more about the science fiction author. Glynn Stewart is a well-known and respected author of science fiction and fantasy novels. According to legend, Glynn is responsible for the bestselling sci-fi collection Starship’s Mage, in which he demonstrates that magic, advanced science and technology, and traveling faster than light is all possible through the use of a mage. Another sci-fi series written and illustrated by Glynn is titled “Duchy of Terra,” and it depicts extraterrestrial life in all its glory. With his hard-working personality and skill at creating believable mannequins, Glynn has earned his place among the world’s best authors by successfully weaving an “alien” scenario into a believable character arc. Everyone is interested in learning about the enduring story of his collection, which is why so many people want to listen to or read it.

Glynn Stewart’s Net Worth-How Rich Is He?

It’s a good idea to check out Glynn Stewart’s work if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy. One of Glynn’s best-known works is “Starship’s Mage,” which has sold over a million copies. As a result of sales of information products and side jobs at the CPA firm, he boasts an unlimited net worth of $1 million.

On top of that, Glynn is the Vice President of Finance at Faolans Pen Publishing, where his previous projects include Changeling Blood and ONSET, two collections of urban fantasy tales. As of February 2013, he was granted licensure as a regular public accountant. In 2009, he earned a diploma in business/accounting from the University of Calgary. As a result, he’ll be well-rounded when it comes to financial accounting, reporting, forecasting, and market research. At UFA Co-operative Ltd., he started in March 2005 as a Senior AP Clerk and left in August 2009 after four long years.

In 2009, he earned a diploma in business/accounting from the University of Calgary. As a result, he’ll be well-rounded when it comes to financial accounting, reporting, forecasting, and market research. When he started working at UFA Cooperative Ltd. in March 2005, it was the beginning of a four-year stint as a Senior AP Clerk.

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Reddit Users Are Crazy About Duchy of Terra Author Glynn Stewart.

Known for his portrayal of extraterrestrial life forms and spaceship travel, Glynn Stewart is the author of the Duchy of Terra, a sci-fi novel and collection of short stories. It was before the advent of magic and the mysterious elements of higher power and dimensions that he wrote the collection “Starship’s Mage.”. It takes a lot of guts for the author to lay out his ideas on consciousness and the emergence of different life forms.

Glynn Stewart’s Books List

Blood Ward

Book Two of the Teer & Kard
Wardtown by Glynn Stewart


Book One of the Teer & Kard
Crusade by Glynn Stewart, the third and final book in the Exile trilogy.


Book Three of the Exile Series
Murder by Magic, an ONSET Universe novella, by Glynn Stewart

Murder by Magic

Book Zero of the ONSET Series
Refuge by Glynn Stewart, book 2 in the Exile trilogy


Book Two of the Exile Series
Exile by Glynn Stewart, a space opera epic


Book One of the Exile Series
Ashen Stars by Glynn Stewart. Prequel to Exile, due our July 2018

Ashen Stars

Book Zero of the Exile Series
ONSET: Stay of Execution by Glynn Stewart

Stay of Execution

Book Four of the ONSET Series
ONSET: Blood of the Innocent by Glynn Stewart

Blood of the Innocent

Book Three of the ONSET Series
ONSET: My Enemy's Enemy by Glynn Stewart

My Enemy’s Enemy

Book Two of the ONSET Series