God Of War Ragnarok Is 40 Hours Long: It Could Be Take Long Time

God Of War Ragnarok Is 40 Hours Long: According to a source close to the entertainment business, the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarok video game from Santa Monica Studio will require a 40-hour work week to experience its full potential. Tom Henderson, a reputable video game journalist and writer for Insider Gaming stated that players interested in seeing what Ragnarok has to offer would need to spend an estimated forty hours exploring all of the game’s content.

Around three and a half hours of cutscenes spread throughout the game’s campaign. The game’s primary story is rumored to take up approximately half of the total projected playtime time. In addition, finishing the game’s optional side mission will take an extra twenty hours of your time. However, as Henderson pointed out, players’ progress through the game may also vary in speed based on their skill level and how they play the game.

In This Hilariously Spoofy God of War: Ragnarok Promo, Rick and Morty Dress Up as Kratos and Atreus. Henderson remarked that the study verified the information God of War creator David Jaffe provided. Jaffe had previously stated that the game makers hoped to provide at least forty hours of original content for players to enjoy.

According to Jaffe, “I don’t know if that’s a 100% Platinum Trophy completion or if that’s an average gameplay.” “Is there a warranty on it? No. Things are eliminated while others are brought in. But here’s what I can tell you right now: the developers of the upcoming God of War are aiming to pack forty hours of gameplay into the game.” God of War Ragnarok is the sequel to the acclaimed God of War relaunch released in 2018.

Ragnarok will again follow Kratos and Atreus‘ adventure around the nine worlds as they hunt for answers regarding Atreus’s destiny as Loki. This time, the previous game’s events have taken place three years after the first game’s events. An earlier trailer for Ragnarok gave additional hints that the storyline will emphasize the relationship between its main characters, with an unknown figure seemingly attempting to drive a wedge between the father-son duo.

This was one of the hints that the storyline would focus on the relationship between its main characters. According to yet another leak, the adversary of the game, Odin, will attempt to exert his influence over Atreus by playing the role of a “replacement father figure.” In addition, Ragnarok will have several noteworthy enhancements to the arsenal of the game’s titular god of war, which, according to reports, will inspire players to “play with their food.”

This featured Kratos’ arm shields, which serve as defense tools and are named Dauntless and Stonewall, respectively. In addition, the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe, two of Kratos’ most recognizable weapons, have improved thanks to Ragnarok. When the player presses and holds the triangle button, their strikes will be infused with a unique fire or ice buff, depending on their weapon. These buffs have been named “Whiplash” and “Frost Awaken,” respectively.

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