Google News Is Currently Testing A New Design, But why? is being tested by Google for a new trial version of the Google News portal In Safari’s private mode, I was able to bring it up once, but after that, it was gone. Among other things, the new home page is more visually appealing, pushes the navigation menu to the top of the page from the left side, and overall improve the aesthetic of the page.

What it appears to be?

After seeing the test, I managed to screen capture the top of the page, which you may enlarge by clicking on it:

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a section titled “Fact check.” You may enlarge the image by clicking on it:

When are you going to watch it?

Again, this is merely a test, a trial, Google is running to see if folks in this test group enjoy the new Google News design and whether or not the replies they expect from the new design are favorable or negative. No one should be surprised by the fact that Google is continuously experimenting with new user interfaces on all of its platforms.

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Why Google News Is Currently Testing A New Design?

When Google changes the look or layout of Google News or Google Search, it might affect a website’s visibility and the number of visits it receives. To understand the potential risks and rewards of Google News interface changes, keep these user experience tests in mind. As again, this is simply a test, and we don’t know when or if this new design will be implemented.

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Most of Google’s apps, including Maps, Play, and Photos, received Material You-themed redesigns prior to the official debut of Android 12 last year. Google News is one of the few services that have yet to receive a graphic makeover. A new Material You appearance is now being tested with a small set of users, even though the app hasn’t received a full overhaul.

Despite the lack of dynamic theming, the new design nevertheless manages to look modern. For the first time, Google News has renamed its primary display “Your briefing” instead of “Google News.” As part of the Material, You redesign, the weather icon has been replaced with a pill-shaped button at the top of the page.

There are a few similarities between these banners and the latest Android version, but they aren’t perfect. It’s worth noting that the settings menu on Pixels is similar in appearance and feel, which adds empty space but makes it easier to reach and use with one hand. Using huge app headlines, like in One UI, has become a common trend in app design for phones with screens up to seven inches across the globe.

However, this new design for Google News appears to be confined to a server-side upgrade at this time. After updating to the current version of the app, a few members of the AP staff were able to see it, but I couldn’t. Take a chance by downloading the latest APK from APK Mirror and seeing whether it works for you. I hope you get to test out these new features before everyone else does.