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Gossip from the Stars: A Recap of Their Social Media Posts

Gossip from the Stars: A Recap of Their Social Media Posts

Chris Rock is finding it difficult to remain under the radar while The Slap is still a topic of conversation. It’s summer fling season, and there have been reports of Chris and Lake Bell being seen together on more than one occasion.

I recently began watching The Boys and am still trying to figure out how word didn’t spread about the cameo appearance in the pilot. I’m going to resist the urge to give anything away and just say that it’s great. An extremely massive star. Huge.

They talk about Megan Stalter’s performance in Hacks, and it’s well deserved, in the Variety Actors on Actors conversation with Martin Short (!!!!) and Jean Smart (!!!! ), which Lainey linked to yesterday in What Else? Having seen Season 2 twice, I can say without a doubt that my favorite line reading is the one involving OxyContin, Tylenol, and Advil. How refreshingly genuine and hilarious it is. (Also… have we considered calling upon Martin and Jean to be their personal Gossip Genie? Since Jean’s husband passed away in March 2021, she may not be ready to date just yet, but if she was, it would be an instant classic.

This photo, which features a number of famous actors paired with other famous actors, is fascinating.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley co-founded a bourbon brand called Brother’s Bond, and Somerhalder recently shared a video from a successful in-store appearance at a grocery store. People are waiting in line alongside the rotisserie chickens and cantaloupes for him to arrive. It’s quite a sight, and the screams are horrible. Ian, to his credit, is very up for it, pumping his fists all the way through the produce aisle.

What I really want is for Chris Evans to do an interview with Vanity Fair and be asked about Elizabeth Olsen’s lie detector test answer about him. Yes, the Boston accent and the puppies are working. To be honest, I’d rather have some juicy rumors from him than all the hunky he gives us.

Beanie Feldstein and Jane Lynch will be leaving the Broadway revival of Funny Girl in September due to the poor critical reception the show has received (Feldstein’s one-year contract for the role was reportedly terminated early).

How we were before (St. Tropez mix).

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