GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Actions At Malaysia’s Airport Reveal His True Personality

Currently, GOT7 Jackson Wang is touring the world’s music festivals to support his latest solo effort, Magic Man. There have been reports of hazardous situations involving the artist’s fans who have been showing up in large numbers to welcome the performer during airport arrivals. For example, Ahgases and Jackys compliment Jackson for handling a similar situation.

In the wake of his viral meet-and-greets around the United States and his performance at Head in the Clouds in Pasadena, Jackson flew to Jakarta to headline We The Fest. The artist’s reunion with Afghan, with whom he worked on the song “M.I.A.,” was well received by fans.

He then flew to Malaysia for the Good Vibes Festival, giving another stellar performance before heading to the airport. There were no giant hiccups on his way out of Jakarta’s airport.

Videos of his followers waiting for him in Malaysia were published online, giving people hope for a peaceful landing.

However, as the GOT7 member came, the scene quickly escalated into a crowd, and Jackson had a hard time escaping, despite being encircled by security.

Jackson cared most for his fans despite all of this. After some of his followers collapsed, his security officers formed a circle around them to help, but he left to help them and later told them to “cool down” and asked them why they were pushing the supporters.

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Jackson didn’t appear to notice the increasing congestion as he made his way from the airport, instead focusing on accepting as many fan letters as possible.

When he finally was permitted to depart, Jackson took to Twitter to express his gratitude to his adoring fans and urge them to prioritize their safety before his when traveling to see him in concert.

Though many applauded Jackson’s bravery, some were concerned about his vulnerability and urged fans to treat him with the same care. Jackson’s appearances and departures from airports are typically dramatic, yet he never fails to be polite and considerate to his adoring public. We can only pray that his next trip to the airport is substantially less hazardous.

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