Gotham Knights Release Date: Is Gotham Knights Coming To PS5?

Gotham Knights Release Date: One of the year’s most anticipated games, the co-op experience Gotham Knights, will finally be available to fans in a little over a week. After the deaths of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, we will band together as Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, or Robin to take on the enigmatic hidden society known only as the Court of Owls and safeguard Gotham City.

One Reddit user even went so far as to provide screenshots of the game’s “finish” as we wait for reviews to come out, all because official art books for the game were purportedly leaked early. Although we’re starting to daydream about completing that trophy list and getting close to the finish, we won’t ruin it for you by spilling the beans in this piece. The release date, trailers, and pre-order information for Gotham Knights can all be found here.

Gotham Knights Release Date

Developers have verified that October 21, 2022, will be the official release date for Gotham Knights. Several other release dates for the game have come and gone, so let’s hope this one sticks!

Do You Provide Gotham Knights For Preorder?

The pre-order phase for Gotham Knights has started. The retail prices for GAME’s physical releases have been made public. On Xbox One and PS4, the Standard Edition costs £59.99, the Special Edition costs £64.99, and the Collector’s Edition costs £279.99.

Check out CD Keys, where you can purchase a digital code instead of a boxed copy if that’s what you’re after. When writing, CD Keys sells the PC version for a low £36.99.

Which Game Systems Are Compatible With Gotham Knights?

Warner Bros. has stated that the PlayStation 5, Xbox One S, and PC will be the only platforms supporting Gotham Knights. The decision was taken “to offer players with the finest possible gameplay experience,” according to the official press release. They said straight: Gotham Knights “will not be accessible on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One systems.”

Is Gotham Knights A Sequel To Arkham Knight?

While WB Montreal did assist with Batman: Arkham Origins and other Arkham franchise tie-ins, Gotham Knights is not a direct successor to Arkham Knight, as previously stated. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Batman will not be a playable character in Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights’ narrative is entirely independent of the events of the Arkham games.

Despite some parallels between the ending of Arkham Knight and the opening of Gotham Knights (both games revolve around the idea of Batman being pulled out of action), Gotham Knights are distinctly its own experience.

The creators of the Arkham games, Rocksteady, are also hard at work on a new play titled Suicide Squad. Unlike Gotham Knights, Kill the Justice League is canonical in the Arkham universe. Not at all baffling, right?

Is The Gotham Knights Game Connected To The Gotham Knights TV show?

It’s worth noting that the Gotham Knights video game has nothing to do with The CW’s upcoming Gotham Knights television series. Though they share a title, the casts of these projects couldn’t be more different.

There appears to be no shared continuity between the two, even though both include supporting characters that must protect Gotham City when Bruce Wayne isn’t there. Corporate dysfunction is damned!

Who Exactly Is Involved In The Gotham Knights Plot?

And who better to inform you than the game’s official plot summary: “Crime and lawlessness have increased in Gotham City since Bruce Wayne/Batman and Police Commissioner James Gordon have both been killed off in the game.

“After receiving a prerecorded message from Batman, players assume the roles of his former proteges, Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Tim Drake (Robin), and Jason Todd (Red Hood), as they try to continue his legacy by protecting Gotham.

“The heroes face up against various supervillains throughout the game, from Mr. Freeze and the Court of Owls to others. As for the supporting cast, there’s Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s former butler, and Captain Renee Montoya, one of the few honest cops in Gotham City.”

The Court of Owls, a shadowy organization deeply rooted in the city and armed with a squadron of brainwashed assassins known as Talons, will serve as the game’s primary antagonists. They seem adequately terrifying for society’s first significant appearance outside of the comics, outside of a few episodes of Gotham.

Is There A Chance Joker May Show Up In Gotham Knights?

At the beginning of Gotham Knights, Batman and Commissioner Gordon are dead. However, it is unknown if the Joker will make an appearance. The Clown Prince of Crime was a mainstay of the Arkham games (to the point where he appeared as a recurring hallucination after his death), but his status in Gotham Knights’ alternate timeline is yet unknown.

Harley Quinn, Joker’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, has not been confirmed for the game. Still, creative director Patrick Redding told IGN that players will encounter an older, wiser version of the character who “has an obvious sense of what her identity is, and she’s going to present herself in this much stronger, developed supervillain way.”

Who Is In The Gotham Knights Cast?

Cast members Michael Antonakos (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Christopher Sean (Dick Grayson/Nightwing), Sloane Morgan Siegel (Tim Drake/Robin), Stephen Young (Jason Todd/Red Hood), America Young (Batgirl), and Gildart Jackson (Alfred Pennyworth) are among the principal players in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Footage

A few months ago, developers released the above video, offering fans their best look at Gotham Knights gameplay at that point. The gameplay will be similar to previous entries but with some new features. For example, Robin can now teleport thanks to specific high-tech gadgets developed by the Justice League.

You’ll be cruising around Gotham on the Batcycle and keeping an eye out for a new breed of a villain not seen before in the Batman games; these thugs and goons level up with you, so you’ll never have an easy fight.

The single-player campaign will remain the centerpiece, but co-op play will allow you to enjoy the game with a companion. Furthermore, they can come and go as they like without slowing down the plot. However, whether or not Gotham Knights will support cross-play remains unknown.

Gotham Knights Trailer

Look at this dark and exciting preview of the game’s content! Enjoy this reveal trailer for Gotham Knights while you wait for its October 21.

Is Gotham Knights Coming To PS5?

Warner Bros has announced it’s bringing forward the release date of Gotham Knights on PS5 by four days to October 21, 2022. The change was confirmed in a new trailer sporting popular villains from Gotham City like Harley Quinn.

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