Government rescues another family and concludes the withdrawal of Brazilians from Afghanistan – 08/30/2021 – World

The Brazilian government announced this Monday (30) the conclusion of the withdrawal of the two Brazilians who were asking for help to leave Afghanistan with their families. According to Itamaraty, they are safe and in good health.

Folha had already reported the departure of the first Brazilian last week. He left the country with five Afghan family members on Friday (27) and landed in Spain. The second Brazilian, removed from the country along with six family members, traveled to Pakistan on Sunday (29), according to the government.

The operation was conducted by the Brazilian embassy in Islamabad, in coordination with the Pakistani government. Brazil has no diplomatic representation in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan.

There are other Brazilians in Afghan territory, but who chose to stay there. The Foreign Ministry said it would monitor their situation.

“[O Itamaraty] it is also attentive to requests from Afghans with a residence visa in Brazil, within the scope of support for foreigners”, said the folder in a statement.

The deadline for the departure of Westerners from the Central Asian country, with the end of operations for the withdrawal of American troops at the airport in the Afghan capital, would end on Tuesday (31). But the United States announced the completion of operations a day earlier, after 20 years of military occupation.

On the 19th, Folha revealed that Brazil was looking for a place on humanitarian flights to rescue Brazilians who had asked for help to leave the country after the Taliban took power.

Brazil has also facilitated the asylum application process for Afghans who want to travel to escape the fundamentalist group and are considering granting a humanitarian visa, as it did with Syrians fleeing the civil war. Today, there are few Afghan refugees in Brazilian territory: 162 already recognized and 49 with processes in progress, according to updated data from the Ministry of Justice.

Thousands of Afghans fearing the faction’s new regime have crowded into Kabul airport in recent days seeking to leave the country, in episodes that have resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries.