Groom Did Such An Act With The Bride, People Told The Bride To Get A Divorce

People Angry About Groom: For both the bride and the groom, the day of their wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. What will happen if a groom does such mischief with his bride that the beautiful day of their wedding is ruined.

The Most Viewed Video on the Internet: In this viral video, a bride and groom can be seen posing in front of a large cake. Both are in excellent shape. The bride looks stunning in her gown, which is also a good choice for her. But he had no idea what was in store for him down the road.

The Cheeky Groom Smeared The Cake All Over The Bride’s Face.

In the video, the groom can be seen taking a piece of the cake and applying it to the bride. Even after the bride had fallen to the ground while applying the cake, the groom did not give up. Let’s start with something that’s going viral on YouTube right now:

The Rage Of The Populace

The bride appears enraged as the groom flees after placing the cake on the table. Many social media users were seen becoming enraged at the groom after seeing this video. To this groom, the cost was prohibitive. While the sympathy is pouring in for the bride, the poor groom is getting hammered by the public.

The Bride Is Advised To Divorce Her Husband.

In fact, a social media user even suggested that the bride divorce the husband. In another user’s opinion, the groom ruined the bride’s most beautiful moment. One user even referred to the groom as a “mean” individual.

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