“Guess I Won’t Be Seeing Aquaman 2” Amber Heard!

Since the news broke, people on the internet have been calling out Warner Bros. for their mismanagement of the franchise.

After he won the slander trial, Johnny Depp’s life was supposed to take a turn for the better. The Pirates of the Caribbean series has yet to provide any new information on his possible reappearance. However, the bad news for Aquaman fans is that Amber Heard will get more screen time in Aquaman 2. More information is available below!

The defamation trial went on for about a month in May, as most people are aware. Amber’s storyline and Aquaman 2’s script were both heavily scrutinized during the course of the documentary. Because of the accusations made by her ex-husband, she claims her role was dramatically decreased. As a result, she said that she “fought with her life” to be a part of the film starring Jason Momoa.

“Guess I Won’t Be Seeing Aquaman 2”

In Aquaman 2, Amber Heard is expected to appear for between 20 and 25 minutes. According to reports, the filmmakers had a test screening in which the actress appeared to be fully immersed in the story from beginning to end. Warner Bros. is gauging the public’s reaction now that Johnny Depp’s defamation trial is done.

Earlier, it was reported that Amber Heard would appear on screen for no more than 10 minutes in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. In addition, it was speculated that her role could be diminished or even obliterated totally in the near future. It’s evident, however, that this isn’t true.

Since the news broke, social media users have been condemning Warner Bros.

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According to one commenter, “nearly 4.5 million people signed to not have her in it.” Then then, the decision to go for it and see what happens LOL… It sounds like my daughter when I tell her no, you can’t throw your toy in the water because it won’t float. She does it nonetheless… toy has vanished without a trace”

Another person said, “Well, that’s a letdown. If she’s still a part of #Aquaman2 then I won’t be going to see it. No, I won’t view it unless they declare she’s completely removed from it. Don’t mislead me, I’ll be the one to file a lawsuit because I was duped into paying to see it.”

“@warnerbros You need to take a closer look at yourself. Women who have been found to be abusive to their husbands must be treated similarly. “You wouldn’t dare if AH was a male,” one person said.

“Warner brothers will lose a lot of money if they retain her in it,” remarked a Johnny Depp admirer.

“Aquaman 2” producers didn’t want Amber Heard in the film; now she’s barely in the movie.

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