Baby Monster Launches Their Youtube Channel and Posts Haram’s Live Performance

Haram’s Live Performance: The highly anticipated new female group Baby Monster has finally had its members introduced by their label, YG Entertainment. On January 11, YG Entertainment unveiled the name of Baby Monster’s official YouTube channel and unveiled the group’s first member, Haram, in a live performance video.

Haram's Live Performance
Haram’s Live Performance

Haram sits alone in a room and belts out a rendition of Mario’s “Let Me Love You” in the video. Based on the evidence presented in the film, Haram has already won the hearts of many K-pop listeners at the tender age of 15. Internet users remarked,

“No wonder YG is so confident. excited to see more from them,” “Her voice is so unique it draws you into her singing this is honestly so good,” “YG never disappoints when it comes to managing their artists, seeing how unique this girl’s vocals are, I’m so impressed… just wait, BabyMonster is going to explode,”

“Her voice is amazing and being only 15 years old with so much heart. Little princess,” “Haram sounds really good and she’s 15 years old. Imagine what will happen in a few years when she’s getting more mature in terms of music and experience. Can’t wait for BaeMon’s debut!!” “YG did it again!!! Another amazing and unique vocalist. I can’t believe she’s just 15 and already so good,” and “I’m already in love with her voice!! I can’t wait for Baby Monster’s debut!!”

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