Haunted Season 4 Netflix, Release Date Status, Cast & More Updates 2022

Haunted, a new Netflix horror series is the latest addition to the streaming service’s remarkable selection of horror episodes and flicks. Despite its low ratings, this show has a devoted fan base. If you enjoy horror movies, you should see this documentary.

The show is based on a true story about people who discuss their own experiences. Anyone who appreciates television should watch it. Learn more about the new Netflix series Haunted.

Jan Pavlacky directs the English pseudo-documentary Haunted. Jordan Roberts, Brett-Patrick Jenkins, Ben Silverman, and Howard T. Owens serve as executive producers for Haunted. Many individuals and groups share their terrifying paranormal stories in this anthology series.

This documentary is divided into three seasons, each with six episodes. On the other hand, each episode lasts roughly 30 minutes. The original version of Haunted was available on Netflix.

The first season of this series was published on Netflix on October 19, 2018. Season 1 will begin on the same day as Season 2, on October 19, with all episodes airing simultaneously.

Season 2 will premiere on October 11, 2019, over a year after season 1 ends.

Season 3 of Haunted premiered on May 11, 2021, after a one-year sabbatical from the show in 2020. Even if you’ve already seen the first three seasons, you can learn everything you need to know about the forthcoming fourth season here.

Haunted Season 4 Release Date

Whether you enjoy horror or not, this series is well worth your time. Even though IMDb gave this series a 4.6 out of 10 ratings, it is nevertheless enjoyed by a significant number of viewers from all over the world. This exciting and dangerous series will undoubtedly give you shivers and thrills.

Although the show has received many poor reviews, it is pretty entertaining to watch if you are interested in the paranormal. Season 1 of the series debuted on October 19, 2018, and the series ended on May 14, 2021, after three seasons.

If you’re hoping to find out when season 4 of the show will air, there’s no official word yet on whether or not it will be renewed. However, because the series is already quite popular with fans, we expect season 4 to be released soon. However, because this is only a forecast, we’ll have to wait for any revisions.

Although it’s a forecast, we’ll keep an eye out for any updates.

Haunted Season 4 Storyline

In English, Jan Pavlacky’s pseudo-documentary Haunted is accessible. Jordan Roberts, Brett-Patrick Jenkins, Ben Silverman, and Howard T. Owens served as executive producers for Haunted.

Each episode of Haunted is an anthology in which various individuals or groups tell their terrifying paranormal encounters. This documentary is divided into three seasons, each with six episodes.

Each episode, on the other hand, is about 30 minutes long. Haunted was initially released on Netflix. The first season of this show premiered on Netflix on October 19, 2018. Season 1 will begin on the same day as Season 2, on October 19, with all episodes airing simultaneously.

Season 2 began airing on October 11, 2019, more than a year after season 1 finished.

The third season of Haunted premiered on May 11, 2021, following a one-year hiatus in 2020. Keep reading if you’ve seen the show’s first three seasons and are wondering about the release date, storyline, and cast of the upcoming fourth season.Haunted Season 4See also:-

Haunted Season 4 Cast

Find the expected cast of the series Haunted Season 4 below.

Terrilyn as Self

Billy Rayner as Drew

Jiri Roskot as Robert

Jan Papirnik as Austin

Josef Rarach as Demon

Janek Gregor as Tommy

Alexander Becka as Skater

Natalie Onderkova as Holly

Johana Vanova as Goth Girl

Daniel Svoboda as Medium

Martina Kapickova as Anne

Oskar Hes as Teenage James

Eliska Krenkova as Adult Erin

Vanda Chaloupkova as Haiden

Sadie as Self – Terrilyn’s Sister

Cari as Self – Terrilyn’s Friend

Erin as Self – Jason’s Girlfriend

Jakub Gelnar as Rough Guy – 1

David Navratil as Rough Guy – 2

Tracey as Self – Terrilyn’s Friend

Petra Buckova as Eryn’s Mother

Kristen T. King as Alicia’s Mother

Vojtech Hyzdal as Haiden’s Father

Tamara as Self – Jason’s Daughter

Hana Baronova as Haiden’s Mother

Victoria Hogan as Haiden’s Mother

Dita Horinkova as Lindsey’s Father

Tina as Self – Jason’s Oldest Friend

Karolina Lea Novakova as Young Erin

Michaela Hraska as Lindsey’s Mother

Jason Hawkins as Self – Ghost Witness

Kristyna Novakova as Teenage Lindsey

Vasiliki-Helena Kawadia as Young Lindsey

Jason Reynolds as Self – Jason’s Best Friend

Jacob as Self – Terrilyn’s Nephew and Sadie’s Son

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Haunted Season 4 Trailer

The trailer for season one of Haunted was released on Netflix’s official YouTube channel on October 10, 2018. Next year, season 2’s trailer will be uploaded on YouTube on September 27, 2019.

After a one-year hiatus, the season 3 teaser was released on YouTube on April 17, 2021. However, because there is no formal confirmation of the release of Season 4, we will have to wait a little longer for a teaser.

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How Many Episodes Are In Haunted Season 4?

Because a fourth season has yet to be announced, many episodes will likewise be kept under wraps. However, given that the previous three seasons included six episodes, we could expect another six if season four is released.

When Is Haunted Season 4 Filming?

Because the third season just came out today, filming and production for the fourth season could be in jeopardy, which means it’s probably still too early to start filming another season.

Filming might start later this year or early next year if the contract is renewed.

Final Lines

Finally, there are a few lines that bring everything together.

No official confirmation of the fourth season of Haunted has been released to the public until today. The first and second seasons of the series were released on Halloween, and the third season was published in May because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We could expect a delay if Netflix decides to pick up the fourth season of Haunted.

Even though Haunted has already broadcast three seasons and one spin-off, there’s no way of knowing if season 4 will be renewed. Some of the stories are dubious, and they have received negative ratings on some platforms.

Even if the show’s ratings and viewership are poor, Netflix may determine that the show isn’t worth it and that it’s time to move on to a more profitable TV series.

Even if that is the case, we remain hopeful for the release of Haunted season 4. Season 4 of Haunted is expected to premiere in the middle or end of 2022, providing the program is renewed.

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