High on Life Release Date: What Will Be The Gameplay And Download Size of This Game?

High on Life Release Date: High on Life’s release date has arrived, and Squanch Games’ most eccentric game has debuted to a deluge of negative and positive reviews. In his video game High on Life, Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland transports players to a surreal future with talking weapons and “an alien cartel that wants to get high off humans.” As you can undoubtedly see, this is not your standard first-person shooter game.

Since the bizarre first-person shooter game was announced at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022, expectations among fans of Roiland’s contentious cartoons and, well, everyone else, have been drastically divergent. Nothing has changed now that the game is available, but if you take it at face value, High on Life is merely some lighthearted entertainment. If you’re not sure if it’s for you, check out our High on Life review or continue reading to learn more about the game.

High on Life Release Date Xbox

The official release date for High on Life on Xbox systems and PC is December 13. You won’t need to buy the game if you already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription because it will be included with the service at launch as well.

The game is also slated to release on the Xbox One, in case you were wondering.

High on Life Release Time Xbox

According to the Xbox Store, High on Life will be released on December 12 at 4 PT, 7 ET, and midnight GMT. In the lead-up to the launch, we’ll keep you informed if anything changes with this. On PC, the High on Life release time is as follows:

  • 11 pm PST, December 12
  • 2 am EST, December 13
  • 7 am GMT, December 13
  • 8 am CET, December 13
  • 6pm AEDT, December 13
  • 8pm NZDT, December 13

Xbox High On Life Preload Time

You may now download the whole High on Life preload on your Xbox console (or PC) before the game launches thanks to the Xbox Game Pass. Simply open the Xbox Game Pass app, navigate to the “Coming Soon” area, choose High on Life, and then choose “Pre-Install.”

High on Life Release Date

Download Size of the High On-Life Xbox

At launch, the High on Life download is about 45GB. There is always a risk that a day-one update will significantly increase the size, but we haven’t received any particular information on this.

The Storyline of High on Life

High on Life has a linear plot even if it is a shooter. You play as a nobody who just graduated from high school and has no plans for the future or objectives to strive for. An alien mafia that wants to utilize humanity as a drug to get high interrupts your mundane life. A talking extraterrestrial weapon named Kenny grants you the ability to travel anyplace to get away from the cartel on Earth.

You eventually transport your residents, including your sister, to Blim City to get away as soon as possible. You will traverse the cosmos while being taken under the wing of the former famed bounty hunter Gene, who only wants you to perish so he may seize your house.

Eliminating Garmantuous, the head of the alien cartel, and his crew is the game’s ultimate objective. To do this, you’ll need to amass several talking firearms with unique abilities known as Gattliens. In High on Life, the Gattliens talk a lot because they do so while the player is playing.

The Gameplay of The High on Life

High on Life is fundamentally an FPS game even with its unconventional premise. Your arsenal consists of the Gattliens, which you can add to throughout time. You first only have access to Kenny, whose main attack functions as a standard handgun. The secondary fire on all weapons is a slimy long-range grenade, whereas all firearms have one.

Secondary fires have cooldowns, but their increased firepower makes up for it. A shotgun-like weapon and a Gattlien that launches creatures at adversaries are among the other weapons displayed. Even your melee weapon is a talking knife with a grappling hook for more movement possibilities both during and after the battle.

Although you can travel to a variety of interesting places, High on Life is not an entirely open-world game. The majority of this adventure takes the form of many worlds, from a tropical rainforest paradise to a city constructed inside an asteroid. New worlds imply additional side missions, new bounties to complete, and possibly more Gattliens to find.

We may have some understanding of how advancement functions since that Justin Roiland have characterized High on Life as an “action-adventure comedic Metroidvania first-person shooter.” The title “Metroidvania” implies that, instead of a linear adventure across a predetermined list of planets, you’ll be obliged to return to earlier locations after picking up new tools. With your knife, you can already notice this because using the grapple function enables you to access higher places and close gaps that are inaccessible when moving on foot.

High on Life PC Game Pass

High on Life will be a PC Game Pass title. You can play the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and through the cloud, if you have Game Pass Ultimate.

High on Life DLC

High on Life doesn’t have any DLC as of yet. Future downloadable content, according to Squanch Games executive producer Matty Studivan, may be in the works, said in an interview with TheGamer. The company is “thinking about DLC, as always,” according to Studivan, with Squanch Games hoping to support High on Life similarly to Trover Saves the Universe, another one of their VR games. Trover experienced this in the form of a sizable free upgrade three months after the app’s introduction.

Trailer For The High On Life

High on Life has had several trailer releases from Squanch Games, and additional gameplay will be shown at events. A boss battle against the bounty target 9-TORG was depicted in gameplay displayed during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022. The initial announcement video was brief and only included a few locations and some of the available talking firearms. There are also a few brief videos depicting some of the bizarre characters that might (or might not) show up during High on Life on the Squanch Games YouTube channel. Indeed, they may even sound rather familiar.


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