High Rise Invasion Season 2 Cast ,Plot and More Updates

When you see the bizarre cast of characters in High Rise Invasion, which is based on the manga collection of the same name written and illustrated by Tsuna Miura, you’ll wonder what the hell they’re thinking.

This is all we know about the second season of “High Rise Invasion,” which launched on Netflix in February 2021. Once in the top 10, ‘High Rise Invasion,’ attempted to lay a foundation for a series. Since stop bridges connect all of the city’s structures, high school student Yuri Honjo must decide whether to run or battle the masked assassins. Season one fans are getting more and more impatient for information about what’s to come in the second season with each passing episode.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date

Because the first season aired in February 2021, the second is likely to premiere in March 2022, although it’s possible that we won’t see it until later if manufacturing moves quickly enough. All of this hinges on the ability to regenerate industrial processes. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about the High Rise Invasion’s resurgence. You can catch up on the first season of the show on Netflix while you wait!

High Rise Invasion Season 2
High Rise Invasion Season 2

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Story

It is Mamoru Aikawa and his comrades that triumph in the last episode of season one of ‘High-Rise Invasion’ without the help of Yuri and company. Yuri smashes the Swimmer Mask and imprisons the Great Angel’s talents before establishing her newfound authority as closer to God. Mamoru discovers that Rika and Yuri are siblings and that they respond to Mamoru’s approach when he does. At the end of the episode, she makes a promise to herself: she will find her brother and she will demolish this lonesome spot.

The search for Rika may continue in Season 2. Yuri may uncover new talents. In the upcoming season, experts and directors in the field of recreation may come to light. Numerous storylines and subplots in the second season were sparked by the possibility of unresolved plotlines at the conclusion of Season 1. For fans, the possibility of Yuri and Rika joining could be something to look forward to in the next second season. After the first season, there are still over a hundred episodes remaining, therefore we may anticipate seeing the rest of the manga in the next season.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Cast

Haruka Shiraishi

Actress Haruka Shiraishi is well known for her work as a voice actress in the Japanese film industry. She used to work for Hirata Office but now works for Toy’s Factory.

Shiki Aoki

She was born on January 14, 1990, in Japan, the daughter of Shikio Aoki. Edens Zero (2021), High-Rise Invasion (2021), and Toukiden: Kiwami are some of her notable roles (2014).

Yuichiro Umehara

Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, is home to Yuichiro Umehara, who was born on March 8, 1991. As an actor, you may recognize him from films such as Darling in the Franxx (2018), Tiger Mask W (2016), and the prologue to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 (2017).

Zeno Robinson

Zéno Robinson was born in Los Angeles on October 25, 1993. Turning Red (2022), My Hero Academia (2016), and The Mitchells against the Machines (2017) are only a few of his notable films (2021).

Other Members

  • Jonah Scott
  • Suzie Yeung
  • Jennie Kwan
  • Stephanie Sheh

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High Rise Invasion Previous Season Recap

Cloud-touching skyscrapers figure prominently in the main plot of “High Rise Invasion.” Yuri appears to be a typical adolescent going about her daily routine. When she passes by a skyscraper, though, everything changes. She saw a masked man behead another man with an ax while perched atop a building. The masked assailant became obsessed with catching up with her because she was the only eyewitness.

As the story unfolds, she discovers that she isn’t the only one experiencing this. Yuri’s final battle with Archangel at the end of the pilot season had a major impact on the rest of the plot. At the conclusion of their battle, God declared that they were on the same wavelength. So, she was able to keep him under her thumb. However, despite their team’s failure to save Aihara. Aikawa discovered that Yuri was still living on the other side.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Trailer

Does the second season of High-Rise Invasion have a trailer? No. The status of the second season has yet to be communicated by Netflix, thus there isn’t a trailer to share with you at this time. As soon as it’s out, we’ll let you know.

However, if you haven’t seen the first season trailer yet, here it is: