Hitman Holla’s Net Worth, Biography, And More Details 2022!

Rapper Gerald Fulton Jr. (known as Hitman Holla on stage), better known by his stage name, Gerald Fulton, is a combat rapper from the United States. By 2022, the predicted net worth of Hitman Holla is $3 million. In Battle America and the SMACK/URL rap, Hitman is a well-known battle league performer. He has an aggressive demeanor, which defines his design aesthetic. St. Louis-born Conceited has been one of his most notable adversaries throughout his career.

Hitman Holla’s Biography

On March 29, 1988, Gerald Fulton Jr., better known as Hitman Holla, was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Gerald Fulton Sr. and Sue Fulton were his parents of African-American descent. He rose to prominence because of his ferocious demeanor and witty lyrics in his music. 

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Childhood and Education of the Hitman Holla

Sue Fulton and Gerald Fulton Senior welcomed him into the world on March 29, 1998, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

As a child, he was born to two African-American parents. In addition to being a well-known rapper, Holla’s younger brother is a well-known battle rapper. An athletic scholarship paid Hitman’s way through college. He used to devote more time to sports. Basketball is his favorite sport. Indeed, he was a member of the collegiate basketball team.

The Career Of The Hitman

MTV’s Wild ‘N Out,’ which featured him as the show’s second rap battle artist, was his first broadcast appearance on the air. Hitman Holla collaborated with rapper Jeff on his latest album, “Diddy Dum Dum,” which was released in 2017. Rap battles on YouTube have gotten 46 million views as of this writing; he also appeared in a film called She Ball. Over the past five years, his face value has grown. His earlier association with the deaths of two people provoked uproar. When Hitman’s mother was ill, 50 Cent, the famed rapper, came to his aid.

He began his rap career by taking on Remy D. Holla in a battle, and he soon became a household name after defeating Bill Collector. Later, he became a member of SMACK/URL and Battle America, two of the most popular rap battle leagues. There were many opponents to face, such as Math Hoffa and Cassidy. There were also opponents such as Hollow Da Don and Goodz. He also faced Arsonal. Success and failure were part of his rap battle experience. “Ball Game” was his first single, released in 2013. On Amazon, the album costs $8.91 for the whole thing. In 2016, he collaborated with rapper Jeff to release “Diddy Dum Dum.” He also starred in the upcoming film “She Ball.”

The Net Worth of Hitman Holla

Gerald Fulton Jr., better known as Hitman Holla, is one of St. Louis, Missouri’s most accomplished and recognized rappers. Punch lines are a trademark of his work. Battle America and SMACK/URL are two of the rap battle leagues in which Hitman has a reputation for his impressive performance. Estimated net worth of $3 million was given to him as of the 2022 financial report.

What was Hitman Holla’s source of income? 

“Hitman Holla,” a popular American rapper, has several sources of income that allow him to increase his net worth to almost $3 million as of the 2022 update. Most of his money comes from his professional work as a rapper (via streaming earnings, record sales, concert performance, brand ambassador et al), as well as from his other secret enterprises.

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Hitman Holla On Social Media

Holla, a well-known internet personality, has also spoken out against the rioting.

You can learn more about this wonderful artist by searching for his name on Google in the last year. He’s a good guy who shares his heart online. With the support of other celebrities, Hitman Holla and his mother were able to raise a large amount of money for his mother, who was battling cancer at the time. Hitman Holla has a massive following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and as a result, he receives a lot of brand marketing, which increases his net worth.

Former Social Media Influencer, Hitman Holla

With numerous partnerships, Hitman Holla’s Instagram has grown to 1.5 million followers. Instagram’s racy photographs of him with his fiancée are what really catch the eye, not the money he’s making with the app. Regardless, Influencer Marketing Hub estimates that he could charge an average of $4,000 for sponsoring an Instagram post. If you don’t have time to learn Instagram’s ins and outs, Hitman Holla is also a big fan of YouTube. For the time being, at least.

Three years ago, he posted seven videos to YouTube, and each of them gained a fair amount of attention. More than one million people have viewed Hitman’s freestyle video with Conceited, DC Young Fly, and Cannon. Despite the fact that he has stopped publishing, he still has over 23,700 subscribers. His YouTube account claims he has released further singles, though unofficially, with various other rappers. Gerald Fulton Jr., better known by his stage name “Hitman Holla,” is an American rapper best known for his battle raps. Rapper Lil Yachty stands out from the crowd thanks to his abrasive persona and catchy hooks. Rap bouts in the SMACK/URL and Battle America rap battle leagues made Hitman famous, and that fame contributed significantly to his net worth.

The Hitman’s Teeth Holla

Reports claim that Holla spent money on his teeth so that they would appear cleaner and brighter. In comparison to previous Instagram photos, his teeth appear to have changed.

The Girlfriend of Hitman Holla

Cinnamon is presently engaged to Holla. Cinnamon is a regular Instagram companion of his. Lash U Studio’s brand ambassador Cinnamon is his girlfriend. On their new YouTube channel, the pair documents their relationship journey. In addition to Holla, Jeremiah Fulton is Holla’s only child. He has yet to announce the identity of the mother of his son.

The Complete Discography Of Hitman Holla

  • Hitman Ball Game 1.5 – 2013
  • Prove Em Wrong – 2021

Hitman Holla’s Whole Song Catalog

  • Tiff
  • House Party
  • Hitman
  • Control Da Room
  • Reminisce
  • Came From Nothing
  • Drowning
  • Big Flex
  • So Crazy
  • It’s On
  • Old Me
  • Hitman Holla vs. Byron Blake
  • Nun 2 Me
  • On My Soul
  • Freestyling in BROMPTON
  • 1 Less
  • Holla
  • 2 Girls
  • U Killin Em

Watch A Recent Interview, He Did With The Media. 

Quick Bio

Real Name Gerald Fulton, Jr.
Stage Name Hitman Holla
Nick Name Yung Holla
Net Worth $3 Million
Profession Rapper, Athlete, Actor, Entrepreneur
Date Of Birth 29-03-1988
Place Of Birth St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Zodiac Sign Aries
Age 33
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Body Measurements Not Available
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Nationality American
Religion Unknown
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Cinnamon
Son Jeremiah Fulton
Parents Sue Fulton, Gerald Fulton Sr.
Ethnicity African-American


  • He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 29, 1988.
  • He rose to prominence because of his ferocious stage demeanor and witty lyrics in his music.
  • As of our most recent assessment, his total net worth was projected to be $3 million.
  • Gerald Fulton Sr. and Sue Fulton were his parents of African-American descent.

Hitman Holla: Common Questions and Answers

Does he still exist?

According to pabaon.com’s 2022 update, he is still alive.

How much money is Hitman Holla worth right now?

Hitman Holla has amassed a huge fortune despite being ridiculed for a variety of reasons.

His actual net worth is unknown, however, it is estimated to be between $3 and $5 million. According to a number of reports, this is the upper limit of his wealth.

Who is Hitman Holla’s son, and what is his relation to him?

Jeremiah Fulton is the name of Holla’s son with Cinnamon, whom he has a relationship with.

How did Hitman Holla get his education?

On a scholarship, Hitman Holla attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

How many battle rap records have Hitman Holla set?

Hitman Holla, a well-known American battle rapper, has 35 battles online, with a total of 75,495,332 people watching each of his performances.

What is Hitman Holla’s exact age?

Hitman Holla was born on March 3rd, 1988, making him 33 years old.

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