Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Release Date, Characters & Trailer

Season 2 of Hitorijime My Hero has been in the works for three years, but no news has been released. They cried when they saw their reactions at the end of the series.

Most people would appreciate this show if they enjoy light-hearted dramas. In truth, it may appeal to fans of the genre to be a rather standard action-adventure game.

After three seasons, the show has built a fan base that is eagerly anticipating a sequel. Hitoriji me Maihr, Hitoriji me My Hero is a Japanese romance drama anime series set in Tokyo.

Encourage Films to adapt the manga of the same name to create the anime. From July 8 through September 23, 2017, 12 episodes were broadcast. Since then, there has been a lot of excitement for the show’s second season.

Do you believe it will happen? To learn more, keep reading.

Mexico Arii started serializing his manga series Hitorijime My Hero at the beginning of 2012. The manga series is still going strong, with ten volumes out thus far. Only the first two volumes of the series have been adapted for television.

As a result, the creators will have plenty of material to work on within the eight volumes. With enough of it, Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 can be made. They might make a third season based on the existing source material.

Release Date for Hitorijime My Hero Season 2

The first season of the romance drama received a lot of positive feedback from spectators. They can’t get enough of this program, and they want more now that it’s over.

Even more distressing than the pause is the producers’ reticence on the anime’s future. They are dissatisfied since the creators have yet to respond to their audience.

The announcement of Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 from the production firm or creators is eagerly awaited. The creators have yet to decide whether or not to renew the deal. Nobody, not them, not anybody else, is saying anything new about it. As a result, its future remains uncertain.

Critics appreciated it, and fans enjoyed it. The show’s viewership and ratings were likewise high. It has a 7.40 out of 10 rating on MyAnimeList. As a result, the series’ performance will not be a deterrent to its renewal. Despite its success, the sequel to the show is in high demand.

Furthermore, they have sufficient resources. As a result, there’s a good probability that Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 will be released shortly. The manufacturers or the production firm are likely to unveil the sequel this year.

Despite its immense popularity, the show’s sequel is in high demand. They also have a lot of resources at their disposal. As a result, Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 has a good chance of being released shortly.

There’s a good chance the sequel will be unveiled this year.

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Storyline

Masahiro Setagawa has stopped believing in heroes since he has gotten himself into problems because of his opinion that heroes do not exist. Despite his gang affiliations, he is frequently ridiculed and treated like a gopher kid.

Soon after, Kousuke Toshiba, also known as the “Bear Killer,” unwittingly saves him. Kensuke Ooshiba’s older brother is currently Kensuke’s homeroom teacher.

Masahiro has dubbed Kousuke his “underling” and sworn to defend him, but the two men appear to have a lot more in common than that. Kensuke, on the other hand, reunites with an old acquaintance, Asaya Hasekura, a popular young man who confesses his love for Kensuke, leaving him befuddled and terrified.

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Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Cast And Crew

Ooshiba Kousuke Maeno Tomoaki  (Platinum End)
Setagawa Masahiro Masuda Toshiki
Hasekura Asaya Tachibana Shinnosuke
Ooshiba Kensuke Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Masahiro Setagawa 

Toshiki Masuda (English) and Austin Tindle (Spanish) created the audio (Japanese). An ungrateful delinquent who used to be on the lookout for a place to call home. As a result of his mother’s lack of interest, he is an expert cook and housekeeper. He appears to be quite knowledgeable about little animals.

Despite the fact that his surname and family name are the same, Kensuke still calls him Ooshiba (as they are brothers). His hair was originally a vivid orange color, but he colored it blonde.

Kousuke Ooshiba

Educating high school students in mathematics with the voices of Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese) and David Matranga (English). His neighborhood’s delinquents fear him as the “Bear Killer.” Masahiro adored him and frequently interjected himself into his affairs.

Kenneth Ooshiba

The voices are Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese); Alejandro Saab (English). Masahiro has been Kousuke’s best friend since junior high school. The Ooshiba’s house is the place where he typically plays and eats with his friends.

The two were childhood friends before becoming boyfriends. Kensuke calls Asaya Big Sister even though they are sisters, and refers to her with the family name Hasekura.

Asaya Hasekura

Shinnosuke Tachibana (Japanese); Daman Mills (English) (English), Because of his attractive features, he is one of the most popular pupils among his classmates.

His hunger is voracious, and he consumes food quickly. Despite his intense pursuit of Kensuke, he is extremely possessive of him.

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Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Trailer

A teaser trailer for the second season was released earlier this year. Teaser trailers have been popular for a while, and now they’re bringing us some fresh Ultraman information.

In the second season, fans will be introduced to the 7.0 suit, according to the teaser. The suit has a significant connection to the first season’s last episode.

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Final Words

Neither the anime studio nor the mangaka has made an official remark about the project’s future, but you need to know if the producing studio has enough material. Mexico Arii has been authoring manga since 2012, and the tenth volume is now available; as a result, the creators have been saving plot materials for use in animation.

What causes this to happen? The studio has eight more volumes to use as plot material after the first season of this anime uses only two volumes as story material. Given that the first season of this anime only adapts two volumes, the remaining eight volumes can be used as plot material for the second or even third seasons right away.

Since the cartoon acquired popularity and a great response from anime lovers, the studio should release Hitorijime My Hero Season 2.

The studio should have intended to continue with this project based on the strong response from the first season and the plenty of story material.

Many fans had been anticipating the continuation of this animation, given that the tale told in this anime is well-crafted and the creation of an animated series takes a long time. As a result, fans anticipate that the studio will announce the release date for the new season as soon as feasible.

If the studio ever makes an official comment regarding the continuation of this anime, we will continue to offer the most up-to-date information!

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