Homeworld 3 Release Date Status, Gameplay And Official Trailer!

Homeworld 3 is the third installment in one of the most popular real-time strategy franchises ever. Homeworld was a revelation in 1999 since it was the first RTS to take place in a completely three-dimensional environment rather than a two-dimensional plane. In Homeworld, winning meant moving not simply around your opponents, but also above and below them.

The atmosphere of Homeworld, on the other hand, was maybe the most remarkable aspect. The cosmos was desolate, desolate, and oppressive. Enemies were always on your tail, and the broad ambient soundtrack made you feel as though you were lost in a galaxy far bigger than your concerns. Homeworld was launched in 1999 by Relic Entertainment, followed by an expansion in 2000 and a sequel in 2003.

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Gearbox remastered those titles in 2015, to mixed reviews. Blackbird Interactive developed the prequel Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, which was released a year later in 2016 to critical acclaim. Homeworld 3 is also being developed by Blackbird Interactive, and the conclusion of our Deserts of Kharak review should give you a fair idea of why we’re eager for it: “Deserts of Kharak succeeds on practically every level, despite all the ways it could have gone tragically wrong.

It’s not only a fantastic RTS that stands out from the rest of the genre’s recent releases; it’s also a fantastic Homeworld game that reinvents the franchise while recapturing its enchantment.”

When Will Homeworld 3 Be Released?

We haven’t set a firm date yet. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Homeworld 3 will be released. That means you’ll most likely see it in November or early December of this year. Because of the release date conflict with Starfield, it’s unlikely that Gearbox will choose early November, although it’s not unheard of for huge games from various genres to release at the same time.

Will the release of Homeworld 3 be postponed? At this moment, probably not: now that Gearbox is part of the Embracer Group, Blackbird Interactive has a lot of resources behind it. But, in the midst of Covid-driven development delays, anything is possible.

I Got Goosebumps Seeing This Homeworld 3 Gameplay Trailer

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Karan S’jet, the primary character from the original Homeworld games and the voice of The Mothership and Fleet Command, is the narrator of the trailer. Due to her physical link with the Hyperspace core that powered the mothership, she’s a posthuman of some kind known as an Unbound. She, too, will now live for a very, very long time, according to our understanding.

From the devastation of Kharak and the Kushan escape across the galaxy to the conflict with the Vaygr horde in Homeworld 2, we’re shown a slew of events from the first two games. From there, we observe a deluge of ships in our Hiigaran protagonists’ flat, boxy shapes and colors. We also catch a couple of distant glimpses of angular spacecraft with the Taiidan adversaries’ trademark yellow and red stripes. A fleeting glimpse of red spacecraft, the predominant color of the Vaygr adversaries from Homeworld 2, also appears.

Throughout the film, we see glimpses of a massive ship: A flat crescent-shaped vessel. With its trademark huge launch bay for creating capital ships, that’s most likely our new Mothership. It’s a new look, more akin to a flat croissant than the big upright banana of previous motherships in the series—and a great design homage to the Deserts of Kharak carriers.

What exactly is the Plot of Homeworld 3?

The galaxy entered the “era of S’jet” after Homeworld 2, as Karan’s clan used the newly-opened hyperspace gate network to usher in a golden period. Apart from the fact that a lot of time has passed, we have no idea what will happen in Homeworld 3.

The official description is as follows: “Plenty and war cycles have come and gone. The Hyperspace Gate Network is now failing catastrophically, and Karan, who has devolved into myth and religious devotion, is the key to unlocking the enigma that threatens the galaxy’s future.”

So, at the very least, this is what’s going on: Karan Sujet, who is now nearly immortal, maybe the last person alive who remembers the distant past, and as the gameplay trailer narrative suggests, that memory may hold the key to rescuing the future.

Homeworld 3 will contain a deep, fascinating single-player story, just like the original games and Deserts of Kharak, according to Blackbird. It’ll most likely be a fantastic treat after the success of Deserts of Kharak.

What’s New In The Third Installment of Homeworld? What’s going to Make a Comeback?

We don’t know much about what’s new in Homeworld 3, but from the gameplay clip, I noticed one huge thing that could be a clue to a change in the game’s surroundings. Large non-ship objects appear in some areas, giving them a low-atmospheric feel. That’s new because asteroids in the old Homeworld weren’t nearly as big as the ones in the gameplay preview, and no fights were fought so close to a planet that geographic features like mountains could be seen.

Many of the conflicts in the gameplay clip take place among huge space-borne megaliths erected by the enigmatic Progenitors, which previously only served as relatively basic terrain in Homeworld games. As fighters sweep along ditches for shelter, they now appear to be a lot more engaging. These structures, according to the official Homeworld website, will “add 3D topography into the original Homeworld battlespace” and can be used to shelter your fleet from ambushes against foes. Hazardous terrain, like asteroid fields and particle storms, will also pose a threat to ships.

What’s new? Strike craft, frigates, and cruisers are all expected to return, but it’s unclear whether corvettes and destroyers will be included. Larger ships appear in the trailer as well, with the silhouette of a Kharak-inspired Hiigaran carrier appearing at one point and the game description noting “hulking battlecruisers.”

The gameplay trailer also features a ship that looks quite similar to the classic Taiidan missile destroyer and ion frigate. However, these models are so different from those of 1999 and 2003 that, while there is certainly inspiration at work, a straight comparison is impossible. Just know that I saw projectile guns, missiles, and ion cannons, so your favorite Homeworld weapon is almost certainly returning in some manner.

Blackbird Interactive, on the other hand, appears to be committed to the original goal for Homeworld. To win, expect to collect resource units from asteroids, maneuver a large fleet, and hyperspace leaps your most dangerous ships right on top of an opponent’s mothership.

Here’s A Trailer from the Past

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That’s the Homeworld 3 announcement teaser, which we first saw in 2019. Scouting ships from our principal group, the Hiigarans, are seen passing through the gigantic hyperspace gate discovered and triggered at the end of Homeworld 2. We also catch a glimpse of Karan S’jet, our homegirl.

What else do we know about the situation?

The co-op will be available in Homeworld 3. Homeworld 3 will have a roguelike cooperative mode in which one or two commanders face off against a persistent fleet in a series of fleet engagements. Each combat earns you rewards for the next, and successful runs grant you additional abilities that “carry over” from run to run. PvP multiplayer will be included in Homeworld 3

The music will continue to smack you in the face Paul Ruskay, the original composer for Homeworld, returns for at least a. portion of the soundtrack, and the previews indicate that his new work is just as good as his previous work. Gearbox has published a 20-minute mini video regarding the series’ use of the Adagio for Strings for those who are interested.