How To Kill Jeepers Creepers? Here Are Ways To Kill Jeepers Creepers!

How To Kill Jeepers Creepers? The Creeper, a horrifying monster that collects and consumes human organs, was first seen by horror moviegoers in the 2001 smash Jeepers Creepers. Jeepers Creepers closeup of the Creeper’s terrifying expression. The Creeper is a terrible monster that collects and consumes human organs, first seen in the 2001 horror blockbuster Jeepers.

Although subsequent installments in the Jeepers Creepers series have not been as successful as the first, the franchise’s initial success should not be forgotten. Even though critics weren’t particularly enthusiastic about Jeepers Creepers upon its premiere in 2001, the film nevertheless managed to rake in nearly $60 million, a staggering return on investment given its $10 million budget.

Despite never quite gaining the same acclaim among horror enthusiasts as its predecessor, Jeepers Creepers 2 was still a financial success. Although the movie was only released in select theaters, Jeepers Creepers 3 grossed over $4 million. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, a reboot, is in the works, suggesting that there is still a need for more of the terrifying concept.

To enjoy the Jeepers Creepers flicks purely for what they are, namely, films meant to thrill and scare, is perfectly acceptable and, for some, preferable. The antagonist, The Creeper (Jonathan Breck in the first three films, Jarreau Benjamin in the fourth), is responsible for delivering said thrills and chills. The creature in Jeepers Creepers isn’t a mindless killing machine; he follows a strict set of laws.

Jeepers Creepers Monster Backstory

The Creeper is an old monster that dresses like a human so it can blend in a while hunting that it can be mistaken for a human from a distance. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the monster in Jeepers Creepers is not human, despite having certain humanoid qualities and appearing to be the male of its species.

No one knows when or when The Creeper first appeared or what it is (many think it to be a demon of some kind), but a deleted scene from Jeepers 2 suggests that it has been killing people at least since the Middle Ages. Licensed Jeepers Creepers comic novels expand on this concept by claiming The Creeper took part in an Aztec human sacrifice and was responsible for the infamous disappearance of immigrants from the Roanoke colony in the late 1530s.

To avoid being seen, he hibernates for most of the year, emerging every 23rd spring to go on a 23-day hunting spree. The Creeper can only keep going by stealing human organs to replace the ones failing in its own body. This pattern has persisted for generations, and despite numerous attempts to eliminate him, the cycle keeps turning.

Moreover, he is pretty bright, as is demonstrated by the fact that he can speak English in a cut scene from the original Jeepers Creepers. Whether or not The Creeper will be ultimately defeated is still up in the air, but the odds aren’t looking good.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn Should Expand The Creeper’s Backstory

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, set to be released in 2022, will allow fans to get up to speed on The Creeper by detailing his origin and methods. According to the announcement in February of 2021, the horror sequel/reboot will follow Chase (Imran Adams) and Laine (Sydney Craven) as they attend the Horror Hound Festival in Louisiana.

Strange dreams and visions involving the town’s past and The Creeper, as both Chase and Laine experience in the film, don’t seem like a prescription for survival. There has never been a better time to give lesser-known horror series like Jeepers Creepers a second chance alongside Scream and Halloween, as horror reboots are currently (and always) all the rage.

Exploring (or even retconning) a villain’s background in greater depth is one of the intriguing possibilities of a reboot. While dealing with The Creeper’s crimes, it’s challenging to devote time and energy to learning more about him or explaining his backstory. It seems likely that The Creeper’s backstory will be presented in Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, given that the film will center on forebodings about the city.

People need a better understanding of the 23-year rule and will lose interest in the character if his backstory is never given. To keep horror fans committed to the franchise and to protect the kills from devolving into pure mindlessness, the upcoming horror film Jeepers Creepers: Reborn should further explore the backstory of The Creeper.

What are three ways we can kill it?

Since his immortality stems from his capacity to regenerate, cutting off his food supply would be the best way to put an end to him. There are three ways this can be achieved:

  • Isolate the Creeper in a vacant spot and lock him up behind iron bars for the first 23 days of his feeding cycle.
  • Drop the Creeper into the deepest ocean area after having him cast in concrete.
  • We need to track down the Creeper while he’s dormant and throw him on a rocket to the sun.

These methods are not without flaws, the most obvious of which is a lack of readily available resources. The second is that the Creeper could be accidentally set free. Since the Creeper’s fragments cannot kill and absorb a victim’s body parts (barring divine intervention), they could be destroyed using an explosive device. The Creeper’s biblical/religious roots inspire the third method of elimination.

Usually, the most effective way to defeat an antagonist is to find something that opposes him. It would be in a book of history where the Creeper was fought and defeated that its weakness would be revealed. As something that has persisted for centuries, the Creeper is not going away anytime soon. His downfall won’t be something an ignorant bystander can readily orchestrate.

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