How Trump Will Handle The Rule Of Law

So, this gives us a hint as to why Donald Trump did not want his personal tax returns to be read by anyone. His business was just found guilty of criminal fraud for omitting taxes on executive benefit payments.

Trump’s business, not Trump personally, was the defendant. Trump wasn’t among the businesspeople charged with evasion either. Trump’s personal safety, however, is in grave danger and is quite serious.

The prosecution for New York State said during the trial that Trump had given his clear approval to the tax avoidance scheme: “This is all a part of the Trump executive salary package. Free automobiles for you, your wife, and your children, as well as free housing.

Why not give them more money? Because it would be more expensive to offer them raises than to covertly give them automobiles. The jury’s verdicts shed light on a number of linked issues that are now in the spotlight.

Given his typical lack of interest in governmental operations, why did Trump place such a high importance on having personal control over the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice?

Why did Trump agree to commit crimes that may have led to his impeachment in order to win the election in 2020, and then even greater crimes that could have led to his impeachment in order to retain power in 2021 if he lost?

Trump must feel quite uneasy about the eight years worth of individual tax returns (2011–19) that are currently in the hands of the US Congress. If Trump and his late father engaged in systematically questionable schemes to avoid inheritance and estate taxes in the 1980s and 1990s.

as The New York Times reported in 2018, and if his 100 percent wholly owned personal company broke the law, as has now been proven, then it seems unlikely that Trump himself suddenly turned a new leaf after 2010.

There may be a personal criminal reference coming his way. But the public is not most interested in those tax-related concerns. Trump has consistently depicted himself as a businessman who exploits every opportunity, whether it be legal or unethical.

Hillary Clinton charged Donald Trump with not paying any federal income taxes during their first presidential debate. That makes me clever, said Trump in response.

Even if tax evasion turns out to be what imprisons Trump, his personal and company tax returns contained information that posed a greater threat to the nation.

Once in office, Trump was determined to stay there forever—not just for his irrational ego needs, but also for his own survival. While in office, he may avoid tax audits and take advantage of the Department of Justice’s policy prohibiting impeachment of a president in office.

However, if he were to lose his position, he would lose those protections and be subject to the full weight of the law. No matter what, he must not lose.

Therefore, on the orders of Trump’s erstwhile business partners in Moscow, he forced the Ukrainian government to fabricate a scandal against his likely presidential rival or risk losing the support it needed to defend itself against an invasion by Russia. His first impeachment resulted from their activities.

Despite the fact that their plan fell short of their expectations, Trump and his aides never gave up. Trump was much more terrified and desperate after it stalled. He planned to use violence and purported fraud to rig the 2020 election.

The mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, was dispatched there by then-President Trump in an effort to frighten or coerce Vice President Mike Pence into using a magic phrase that Trump believed would alter the outcome of the election.

We can now understand a part of the January 6 scheme that was previously unclear thanks to the jury decisions in the criminal trial involving the Trump Organization. Even Trump had to admit that the plot’s “magic words” element lacked much substance.

Could he honestly believe that the 81 million voters who had rejected him would submit quietly? Only Barack Obama‘s victory in 2008 had a larger popular vote margin than Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

Trump’s own advisors informed him that the plan was unlawful, pointless, and ludicrous as they later testified to the congressional committee looking into the attack on January 6.

However, I assume that there was a potentially more successful Plan B concealed within the January 6 election-stopping scheme:

Make a scene. Get Pence a ride from the Secret Service and away from the Capitol in a limo. Quickly call the senior senator to take Pence’s place in the chair.

Encourage that senator, Charles Grassley of Iowa, to comply with Trump’s wishes and send the electoral vote tally back to state legislatures that are under Republican control in the hopes that the ensuing upheaval will cast enough doubt on the election to allow for some legal impunity after 2021.

In the less-than-ideal situation, Biden would be elected president only after negotiating with Trump’s backers, much like Rutherford B. Hayes did in 1877. Trump might have wanted to bargain for “no prosecution.”

A sufficiently convulsive crisis in 2021 might have discouraged any government official from seeking to apply the legislation to Trump in 2022, even though Biden’s team couldn’t have guaranteed that individual states wouldn’t sue him.

With the presidential documents Trump transported to Mar-a-Lago, we observed a similar strategy in action. Everyone agrees that he broke the law. However, practically all Republicans aligned themselves with Trump when the law was finally enforced by the FBI, including his potential successor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

This must be Trump’s most cherished hope for how he can fight against other legal measures taken against him. Donald Trump announced his 2024 candidacy on November 15.

He asserted in an interview the following week that his candidacy ought to shield him from FBI scrutiny. “That’s not right. It’s really unjust. It’s quite political. I will not participate in it.

Trump still has faith that he will be able to purchase immunity in the waning days of his presidency. But it’s also not standing. Investigation into Mar-a-Lago is ongoing. Trump is still facing other legal challenges.

And now, a New York jury has found Trump’s firm guilty of crimes based on documentation that, in some cases, actually bears his signature.

Since 2015, Americans have had to decide between a functioning legal system and a Trump presidency. not either. After great effort and suffering, voters rejected the Trump administration. The rule of law has now been restored.

The person who attempted to overturn the Constitution in order to keep his position as the commander-in-chief and evade the law now has to stand trial as the principal defendant.

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