Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date Status and Update

In what time frame can we expect to see the next chapter hunter x hunter , 391? After three years of silence, fans are still eagerly anticipating the publication of the next chapter in the Hunter x Hunter series. Unfortunately, it appears that this year’s wait will be just as long as the last.

A classic manga series, Hunter x Hunter, is a must-read for every fan of the medium. The story of this manga might drastically shift from chapter to chapter. I still think it’s really fantastic, nonetheless. Hundreds of thousands of people have read and adored this work. A new chapter is on their mind.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release

Earlier this year, there were whispers that the 391st chapter might be released in the next two years. In the end, it seems that people forgot all about it when COVID-19 was launched and quickly became a global phenomenon.

A number of pauses have been taken by Togashi in the past, and this was not the first time. One possible explanation is that he frequently complains about how his back pain interferes with his ability to work.

Neither Hunter x Hunter nor the release date of Chapter 391 have been mentioned by him in recent years. He’s remained silent.

Hunter x Hunter broke its record-breaking hiatus, which had spanned more than 100 issues, but the answers are still missing, as Togashi refuses to reveal anything more.

In these trying circumstances, we hope Togashi is able to complete Chapter 391 sooner rather than later.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391: What can we expect from Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391?

A lot of things are expected to happen in Chapter 391. According to some, spiders may appear in the following chapter. Kurapika and Hisoka working together is highly anticipated by fans—if Togashi permits it, that is.

Another possibility is that we’ll see the Princes in the next instalment. A lot of interesting things are expected to happen in this arc, which is expected to be a big one. Dark Continent Expedition fans are eagerly anticipating the show’s conclusion.

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Fans of Oher, on the other hand, predict that Hinrigh and his companions will be discovered by the adversaries in the upcoming chapter, resulting in a massive battle. Time will tell which idea was correct when more and more theories are shared by fans over the course of time.

In the past, Togashi stated that he had already completed 10 chapters, which led supporters to believe that he had finished up to chapter 400. Hunter x Hunter fans can only wait for the show’s return because Togashi and Shonen Jump haven’t released anything new.

Hunter x Hunter 391-The Complete Cast and Crew

Chapter “Clash: Part 1” ended this manga. No doubt, there will be a sequel to Clash titled Clash: Part 2. Hinrich, Lynch Fullbokko, and Zakuro Custard will all be in the upcoming chapter’s cast, as well. Due to their failure in the previous chapter, this is the case.

All of these people will be introduced in the following chapter. On the other hand, in Chapter 391, Kurapika and Hisoka appear. A group of people called the Hia-Ye attempted to assassinate Monera, but were unsuccessful in their attempts. The Hia-Ye knowledge was still available to them, though.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391: Last Episode Release

In 2011, it was converted into an animated series. Hunter x Hunter’s final chapter was published on November 26th, 2018—over two years ago already! It was drawn by Yoshihiro Togashi, a Japanese manga artist. There are few manga artists that have had as much success and as large of a following as he.

In this series, the hiatus is nothing new. As a result of the events of 2014, 2016, and 2018, it was completed.

The manga series has not taken a pause at any point in time. 2017 and 2018 saw it take yet another hiatus.

This sabbatical has been going on for a long time now. Every follower is eager to learn the outcome of the story.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391: What’s The Reason For The Delay?

Lumbago is causing Togashi to have lower back pain. Because Togashi-san has been sick and has taken a break, this is what is happening. Because of Yoshihiro Togashi, the manga series Dragon Ball Z was halted for two years.

In a tweet, Togashi stated that he had completed 10 chapters of the manga. Recuperation will allow him to carry on with his work. Nanba has written 400 manga chapters during the course of her career. This isn’t the first time she’s done this. Prior to that, she was employed, but she has since ceased to be so. For the time being, she has gotten back to work and produced 400 further chapters of the manga.

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