HYBE And YG Entertainment Hunts Leaker After Jennie-BTS V Dating Rumours Surface

HYBE And YG Entertainment Hunts Leaker After Jennie-BTS V Dating Rumours Surface. V of TS and Jennie of BLACKPINK have been the focus of dating speculation for weeks. Fans have been led to assume that Kim Taehyung and Jennie are dating after photoshopped images of two people looking like the two K-pop stars went viral online.

YG Entertainment has not commented on the dating rumors or the legitimacy of the photos. Still, they have issued a statement saying they will be pursuing legal action against whoever leaked the photos. In a word by Xportnews and translated by Koreaboo, YG Entertainment stated they had contacted the police to find out who leaked the information and that they would be taking “severe measures” against them. Here’s what they had to say:

We’ve formally asked law enforcement to investigate who leaked Jennie from BLACKPINK’s photos. We’ve been keeping an eye on developments and filed our complaint in September after doing some investigating. YG has previously refrained from commenting and expressing our views to limit the fallout.

Nonetheless, we were conscious that we could no longer tolerate the widespread dissemination of malicious rumors, criticism, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasions of privacy that accompanied the release of intimate images. As a result, we’d like to clarify that we’re initiating legal action to fix the problem.

YG is aggressively pursuing legal action against those who slander our artists online. We’re writing to let you know that a lawsuit has been filed against you for, among other things, improper use of communication channels and violating the law on information and communication networks. We will pursue all available legal options without mercy to avoid further harm.

The photos that went viral online were distributed unlawfully without the permission of the people depicted in them. Sharing such images may constitute a secondary violation that warrants legal action. Please do not freely distribute them without our permission. YG Entertainment is committed to safeguarding our recording artists’ legal and financial interests.

V of BTS’s management company HYBE responded to the relationship rumors with a statement last week. According to the agency, “further criminal complaints against postings with personal assaults and slander” have been submitted.’

We discovered numerous defamatory posts on non-Korean sites containing inaccurate information about the musicians. Furthermore, the agency has found that the same malicious rumor has been circulated across several platforms by the same poster and has filed a criminal case against that individual.

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