Hybe YG Entertainment And Other K-Pop Companies Postpone New Releases After Seoul Tragedy

Hybe YG Entertainment And Other K-Pop Companies Postpone New Releases After Seoul Tragedy. After over 150 people were killed on Saturday night in Seoul’s Itaewon area, major K-pop acts, including Aespa, P1Harmony, Twice, and others, have announced postponements or cancellations of upcoming concerts.

The area was bustling with Halloween revelers because of its reputation for nightlife and entertainment. The New York Times writes that the surge occurred in an alleyway only 11 feet wide that was overrun by foot traffic, resulting in the lethal compression of human bodies.

According to eyewitnesses interviewed by the journal, neither crowd control nor police officials were present in the area in the hours before the catastrophe, which has been called the deadliest peacetime accident in South Korean history.

In the wake of this tragedy, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol declared a three-day period of national mourning beginning on Tuesday and ending on Saturday. K-Pop Star and Actor Lee Ji-han, 24, Is Killed in Seoul Crowd Crush. Many content creators and fan events in the Korean music business have said they will be suspending operations in observance of the national pause.

Jin of BTS has delayed both the Station head Listening Party and the publication of the lyric video for his new solo single, “The Astronaut;” the premiere of Tomorrow X Together’s dance practice video, “Eternally,” has been delayed; and Twice has postponed their Online Hi-Touch Event.

SM Entertainment, the agency responsible for the careers of Aespa, EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT, among others, has delayed or canceled several upcoming events and conferences, including their SMTown Wonderland concert scheduled for this coming Sunday.

Also delayed until 2022 instead of November 4 is the “Hybe Briefing With the Community” gathering, hosted by BTS’s label and management company Hybe, which also oversees Tomorrow X Together, Seventeen, and more.

Also issuing a statement regarding the temporary postponement of their marketing schedule and content release dates for their artists was label and management group YG Entertainment (Blackpink, Big Bang, Winner, Treasure, and more).

And the K-pop concert for the 2022 Busan One Asia Festival, which was supposed to feature acts including Pentagon, Mamamoo, and Golden Child, has been scrapped.

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