Hyuna and Dawn Deny Rumors That They Are Reuniting

HyunA and Dawn: For attention, some internet users have started spreading rumors that HyunA and Dawn are back together. HyunA posted a photo of her new lip piercing on Instagram on January 8. Some internet users saw the new piercing and assumed it was a “couple piercing” with Dawn, fueling suspicions that the two were back together.

HyunA and Dawn
HyunA and Dawn

However, according to media sources on January 10th, representatives for both HyunA and Dawn have denied the rumors. According to one spokesperson, “HyunA and Dawn’s friendship remains strong, and the two continue to share meals together. They’ve broken up and aren’t dating again.”

On the morning of January 10, HyunA was spotted at a Christian Louboutin pop-up store event.

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