Idol Stars Who Served as Judges on Audition Shows

Idol Stars Who Served as Judges on Audition Shows. TV shows that hold auditions are always entertaining to watch because they provide audiences with a chance to discover undiscovered talent.

South Korea is bursting to the seams with brilliant artists, and breaking through to the public eye is no simple feat thanks to the industry’s stringent auditioning and training requirements and the length of time it takes to become a debuting act. There are now more opportunities than ever for aspiring k-pop stars thanks to audition programmes.

The judges have become increasingly intriguing to watch as audition programmes in Korea develop. When competition shows like Superstar K and K-pop Star first began airing in the late aughts and early aughts, it was not uncommon for k-pop icons like Lee Seung Chul, Yoon Jong Shin, and JYP to make guest judging appearances.

Idol Stars Who Served as Judges on Audition Shows
Idol Stars Who Served as Judges on Audition Shows

Nonetheless, as time has progressed and the generations have changed, we now witness second-generation idol stars and even some extremely skilled third-generation idol stars judging and mentoring these audition programmes, demonstrating the strength of these periods in k-pop.

These performances help dispel the widespread belief among Koreans that idol idols lack true musical “talent.” Remember that becoming a successful k-pop artist now requires more than just a good singing voice; you also need skills in other areas, like dancing, rapping, acting, and even entertainment.

We’re going to take a look at some of the idol stars who have served as judges on talent shows nowadays. There were many, so some of the inclusions here may come as a surprise. Tell us what you think of this comprehensive list, though.

Girls’ Generation Tiffany Young – Girls Planet 999

BTOB Eunkwang – The Second World

A PINK Eunji – The Second World

Oh My Girl Hyojung – National Singer

(G)I-DLE Soyeon – My Teenage Girl

Everyone on this list who served as a judge on a talent competition has more than earned the right to be there. It’s great that these audition shows provide these famous stars with a platform to share their knowledge and expertise with a new generation of fans.

It’s only reasonable to listen to these individuals, as they are the ones who have spent time working in the field and have a firm grasp on what works and what the general public values.

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