Idols Who Prefer Sleep Over Anything Else

Idols Who Prefer Sleep Over Anything Else: We all need sleep to function properly, and we all enjoy it when we get it. A good night’s sleep helps us get through the day, whether it be at work, at class, or waiting for a new album from our favourite K-Pop acts.

The members of our favourite K-Pop groups have as much of a need for a good night’s rest as the rest of us do! It’s not easy to find time to sleep when you’re a famous person working in the entertainment industry.

However, there are a few famous people who have publicly stated that sleep is more important than anything else in their lives. They’ve shown that even the busiest celebrities can find time for a good night’s rest by publicly expressing their gratitude for sleep.

Today, we’ll take a look at a roster of famous people who value sleep above all else. We sympathise and wish them luck as they try to cram power naps into their hectic schedules. What do the stars do? Let’s take a look!

Idols Who Prefer Sleep Over Anything Else
Idols Who Prefer Sleep Over Anything Else


According to what Junghan has said, he can sleep pretty much anywhere. Named “NoopJunghan” (a portmanteau of the Korean words for “to lay down” (noo-wuh) and “Junghan,” for his penchant for napping and lazing anywhere he can, this guy is known for his love of comfort and relaxation.

Red Velvet Seulgi

Members of Red Velvet and their followers are well aware that Seulgi is a heavy sleeper. She is so good at falling asleep that she does so everywhere.

BTOB Changsub

During their debut, Changsub’s fellow mates often reminded him to get some sleep. Even when dining at the salon, he frequently nods off. Wow, that’s some serious stuff, right there.

A PINK Eunji

During filming for a performance, Eunji acted out her fondness for sleep by dozing off in a crane pose.

Girls Day Hyeri

Hyeri has earned a reputation as a mukbang girl, but she has recently stated that sleep is her true passion. She documented herself nodding off while eating cereal on a documentary show.


Articles concerning Kai’s arrival at the airport after travelling abroad consistently note that he appears exhausted, proving that the man needs his beauty rest.

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