Idols With Iconic Voices You Immediately Recognize

Idols With Iconic Voices: Some of the world’s best singers can be found in the K-Pop industry, and their vocals are so distinctive that fans can easily identify them even after only one listen. Listed here are some of K-most Pop’s original and identifiable singers and their distinctive voices.


Lily of JYP’s monster rookie group NMIXX is an incredibly gifted and natural performer who never doubts her abilities. Her listeners never stop falling more in love with her because of her amazing, calming voice.

Idols With Iconic Voices You Immediately Recognize
Idols With Iconic Voices You Immediately Recognize


True to her name, she is a beautiful swan with the most regal and majestic sound. When she performs, she puts on a show with her distinctive, full, and deep diva-like voice. Just hearing her speak will make honey drip from your ears.

Stray Kids Felix

Have we said enough? The distinctively deep tone of Felix‘s voice makes him a household name. His voice is not only powerful but also possesses a great deal of character and depth, making every word of every line he sings unforgettable.

NCT Haechan

Haechan‘s distinctive voice tone has earned him widespread acclaim ever since his debut. He doesn’t use any sort of unique method with his voice. Even if you aren’t a fan, you can’t deny that you’ve heard his name spoken in the same breath as some of today’s most popular artists.

NCT Mark

Mark, the apple of SM’s eye, has some serious rap abilities. In the strictest sense, his voice isn’t very distinctive, but one listens to the way he sings or raps and you’ll immediately recognise it as belonging to THE MARK LEE.

GOT7 Jay B

He’s a fantastic leader, producer, and lyricist, and he also has a beautiful singing voice. His voice has a certain allure that keeps you coming back for more. His singing voice is so soothing that it can turn any song into a lullaby.

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