Im Mature Season 2 Release Date Status, Plot-Line, Cast, And Trailer

The Viral Fever presents the Indian online series, ImMature, which is a comedy web series about an Indian family. An aspiring young man named Dhruv will be the subject of the next five episodes of Age tale. To get his first crush, a top student, Chhavi’s attention, his pals Kabir and Susu aid Dhruv. In this film, we see a group of friends grow together as they experience heartbreak, first love, and more. The story revolves around the ups and downs of adolescent development.

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To follow along with the gang on their trip, young people should watch all of the episodes of ImMature. The viewers are now wondering if Sameer Saxena’s online series will be renewed for a second season.

Do You Know Who Sameer Saxena Is?

The Viral Fever Originals, if you will. Sameer Saxena, Chief Officer, And CFO Arunabh Kumar founded TVF seven years ago (The Viral Fever). It is the only YouTube channel in India to begin producing web series at the outset. Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Yeh Meri Family, Tripling, and Kota Factory are some of the most popular shows on TVF.

According to Sameer Saxena of TVF, the network is expanding into new categories and will shortly begin producing regional content in three languages as 2019 draws to a close. In addition, he’s working on developing original documentaries. Starting with Telugu, Tamil and Marathi, we plan to expand to more regional languages in the future, he said. Only one Indian web series, ImMature, was selected for the Digital Content category of the Cannes International Series Festival.

Who Sameer Saxena Is?

It has been used in Colombia, Cuba, Canada, France, South Korea, the United States, and Spain. Other products were in direct competition with ours. According to India West, Saxena has indicated that he is open to working with the Canneseries on additional screenings of the TVF. TVF’s role in popularising Indian culture is only going to grow stronger in the wake of widespread acclaim for our shows. Streaming video series. Digital material from India will go global.

ImMature Season 2’s Main Plot

In the show, we see Dhruv Sharma, who has difficulty making decisions and is continually hindered by his friends’ opinions when it comes time to make any kind of decision. In the gang linked to Susu, Kabir Bhullar serves as leader. Because of this, Kabir appears to be able to answer Dhruv’s difficult inquiries. The three pals are on the move, bouncing from one adventure to the next. Chhavi Upadhyay, a student in Dhruv’s class, is a wise and brilliant one, and Dhruv notices her. Dhruv has a thing for her, but he’s afraid to confess it.

ImMature Season 2

Kabir persuades Dhruv to get a motorcycle rather than continue to ride his bicycle. Because of this, he is aware that his guardian will not provide him with a motorcycle. The pink scooty Dhruv finds while trying to persuade his parents to employ every trick in the book is half of the victory he achieves. At the time, he had no idea that this scooty would change his life in such a profound way. Chhavi and Dhruv’s story has just begun. A wide range of new features, including tests, games, and lecture skipping, have emerged in recent years.

In addition, we learn that Susu was just crying because her teacher had to go early. As a result of this, Dhruv learns that Chhavi has a new boyfriend. After drinking, Dhruv feels depressed like Susu, and Kabir wants him to get over it and return to his beloved. While listening, he comes to terms with the fact that Chhavi and Shantanu are no longer together. This is his moment to finally tell Chhavi how much he cares for her. Chhavi is eager to go on a date with her after her exams, a day after she confided in her at school.

ImMature Season 2

Both of them are apprehensive about their upcoming first date, yet after a time, they grow to appreciate each other’s company. Dhruv’s first date with Chhavi was a touch nerve-wracking, but after that, he decided to go to school with her. As a farewell gift, he offers her an official T-shirt emblazoned with the names of dignitaries. To continue his education in Kota, where he is currently stationed.

As a result, this concludes the story. If season 2 is immature, the tale may continue from here. Because Dhruv is on his way to Kota, it’s likely that we’ll see some of the tales there. What’s more, it will be fascinating to see how Dhruva adapts to the Kota culture?

The Cast of ImMature Season 2

Because the actors that starred in the first season did so well, it is unlikely that the show’s producers will change the cast for the second season. To keep the audience’s attention in mind, the play’s producers did not modify the play’s primary stars. It’s possible that the same actors from prior films may reprise their roles. Season 2’s cast of characters, from left to right:

List Of The Actors From The Previous Season

  • Omkar Kulkarni plays Dhruv Sharm in this movie.
  • Rashmi Agdekar portrays Chhavi Upadhya in the film.
  • Chinamay Chandraunshush impresses in her portrayal of Kabir Bhuller.
  • Visshesh Tiwari portrays the part of Master Susu, while Dilip Meralal assumes the position of Golewala.
  • Sameer Saxena portrays Dhruv’s father.
  • Jitendra Kumar, Komal Chhabaria, and Paltu, the Old Lady on the Walker are all played by the same actors.
  • Sachin Negi portrays Karan (Vijay Rawal) in the film Hindi Teacher Ranja Biswapati Sarkar.
  • Nandini is played by Himika Bose, and Shantanu is played by Natasha Nikhil Vijay in the film. He was Mehra Pradnya’s father when she was a baby.

ImMature Season 2 Crew

ImMature’s first season was directed by Prem Mistry, and the show’s writers, Nishad Zaveri, Suprit Kundar, and Abhishek Yadav, wrote one episode’s worth of disagreements on how Dhruva should go about his high school life. For the sake of learning more. Sinister situations and people that appear to be inspired by Indian pop culture have also been shown in ImMature’s work. I believe he’ll be directing the second season as well, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

ImMature Season 2 Release Date

Beginning 20 February 2019, MX Player, an Indian internet platform, will be broadcasting the first season of imMature for free. IMDb has given the series a rating of 8.8 stars, and The Times of India has given it a rating of 3.5. Despite the high ratings and enthusiastic response from viewers, a release date for ImMature season 2 has yet to be announced. So we’ll have to wait until the audience decides what’s next for the show. The season 2 premiere date for ImMature has yet to be announced. 

ImMature Season 1 Release Date 20 February 2019
ImMature Season 2 Release Date Show renewed, No release date

Immature’s second season has been resurrected by the show’s creators, and you’ll soon be able to catch up on the latest episodes. According to the creators, the second season will be released in January 2022. Once the story and cast have been finalized, the show will begin filming soon. Upon completion of the filming, a trailer will be released. For the second season, the production period is likely to take at least a year, if not more. However, Immature will return for a second season.

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Trailer for Season 2 of ImMature

Even if the second part hasn’t been renewed, the trailer hasn’t been released yet. So, if you’ve heard anything about the second season based on the trailer, you should disregard it. There is just one place to find the first season’s trailer online, and that’s on YouTube. The first season teaser has racked up a record-breaking 60.3 million views on YouTube alone. Many high-profile films and television shows have also been a flop.

Final Thoughts On Immature Season 2 

Season two has yet to be set a release date by the show’s creators and producers. A second season is greatly anticipated by the fans, and we expect it to be released as soon as feasible. Season two will be released in 2022 despite the fact that development and shooting have been delayed because of this serious covid issue. It’s because it’s a statement from the creators and producers of the show. You may stream Season 2 using many different platforms, including MX Player.