In football, ‘scandal’; in politics, ‘rehearsal for a coup’ – 05/09/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In Argentina, the headlines at the end of Sunday were all for “Brazilian world cardboard”, in Olé’s statement (below), or for “Escândalo” in La Nación.

It also made headlines throughout Latin America, with Chilean La Tercera highlighting “Cardboard in São Paulo” and Colombian El Tiempo “Scandal”. The Mexican Reforma headlined the “Irruption of the authorities” in the countryside.

Even in Europe, although less prominently, the German FAZ reported, for example, that the “Authorities cause chaos in a football derby”, with “Bizarre scenes in São Paulo”.

In the background, the news abroad follows the preparation for the 7th of September, with statements such as, in the same La Nación, “Tension in Brazil: the risk of a democratic rupture makes everyone nervous”.

In the German Süddeutsche Zeitung, “Nervousness before the deadline”. In the text:

“A perfect storm is brewing, the clouds are getting darker — and there will be elections next year. Jair Bolsonaro is far behind in the polls. Observers fear the September 7 demonstrations could be a dress rehearsal for the coup .”

In the French Le Figaro, the demonstrations “will represent an ultimatum to the Supreme” by the “extreme right leader”.

In the US, while national newspapers remain restrained, sites like Intercept and HuffPost produce reports linking the date to Donald Trump’s similar attempt against the election result. Respectively: “Bolsonaro’s pro-coup rally: the 7th of September is shaping up as the 6th of January in Brazil” and “The version of the 6th of January of Bolsonaro now seems inevitable in Brazil”.

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