Inbred Family: Gross Incest Practices Between The Whitaker Family, West Virginia, and Beyond

The thought of incest is enough to gross one out. Let’s not talk about Game of Thrones here. Let’s talk about reality, an ugly reality. Have you heard of the Whitaker Family? The family from Odd, West Virginia is renowned as being the most notorious inbred family.

2020 Documentary Unveil the Most Bizarre

As a result of Mark Laita’s book Created Equally (2004), the Whitaker family gained international recognition. Yes, he was threatened by neighbors who owned shotguns.

It was in 2020 that he returned to the Whitaker family to film a video that gained more dislikes than likes, but it went viral with more than 25 million views. During the documentary, he shows the horrors of inbreeding.

Lorraine, Ray, and Timmy are suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness. The family lives in extremely poor conditions and have little to eat. Ray, in particular, just grunts. What causes this?

To make them talk, Mark Laita had to make four visits and give them money, food, and clothing gifts. Mark Laita wrote:

“The individuals in this video are brothers and sisters, except for Timmy who is a cousin. There is no way I would be able to confirm that the Whitaker parents were related, but given that this does happen in this part of the country and the Whitakers are the most extreme case I’ve seen so far, I would bet that inbreeding was at least partly responsible for the mental and physical abnormalities seen in Lorraine, Freddie, Ray, and Timmy.”

Many reports have shown that inbred offspring suffer from reduced cognitive ability, lung function disorders, heart disease, and are more prone to other diseases. The risk of recessive genetic disorders is higher in inbred children.

Could this be the case with the Whitaker family? Due to the way they are protected by neighbors, inbreeding may be a factor in West Virginia. They show the effects of inbreeding clearly.

Inbreeding has Numerous Adverse Effects.

The process of inbreeding occurs when organisms whose ancestry is closely related mate. It is contrary to the biological function of mating, which involves the movement of DNA. A 2011 study titled Consanguineous Marriages found that the risk of near-natal and childhood death is significantly higher for children born to first cousins, nearly doubling in some countries.

It has been established by various scientists and doctors that inbreeding increases the risk of congenital defects and genetic diseases in offspring. Here is a video explaining inbreeding:

The Whitakers are a completely inbred family. Biologically and genetically, all members of the family are closely related. That is why they struggle with cognitive disabilities.

An Intriguing Whitaker Family’s Mystery

The Whitaker family is British by descent and lives in extremely unkempt conditions. The individuals initially included Ray, Lorraine, Timmy (only cousin), Freddie and an unnamed sister. However, Freddie died of a heart attack a long time ago.

You can somewhere relate this story to the Colt Clan incest case wherein Clan assaulted his daughters to make kids. it was this 4-generation of incest “horror tale”. however, the two sisters openly shared beds with their brother. Nevertheless, reliable sources confirm that the Whitaker family is an inbred family.

Mark Latia personally warned everyone to stay away from the Whitaker family as they are guarded by their armed neighbours and the Raleigh County deputies. He said, “I strongly discourage anyone attempting to look for the Whitakers as their armed neighbours and the Raleigh County deputies both make it clear that curious visitors are not welcome.”

The Whitaker family is extremely secretive, no one knows where they come from and who their parents are. The members of this family never revealed anything about their parents too. But one thing is clear, they are inbreds from an Inbred family.

West Virginia’s Reputation for Inbreeding

West Virginia’s poverty is long linked to stereotypes about inbreeding practices. National newspapers featured pictures of rundown shacks and barefoot kids in rags in the 1930s, which conveyed the impression that the state was a backwater.

West Virginians were stereotyped as “hillbillies,” and incest served to account for their poor social status in a crude scientific way. In West Virginia, the law against incest has been passed, but in other parts, first cousins can still wed.

Conspiracy Theory Surrounding Inbred Family

We will begin with an example. The British Royal family is well known for keeping its secrets. This has been the case for decades. This may not make sense, but I just heard the episode of “The Crown”.

The Queen Mother’s brother, John Herbert Bowes-Lyon, and his wife, Fenella, raised Katherine and her sister, Nerissa. Nerissa and Katherine were born learning disabled. This makes them Elizabeth II’s first cousins.

Idonea, Etheldreda, and Rosemary were all children of Fenella’s sister who also suffered from similar disabilities. Charles Trefusis, a maternal grandfather with the same condition, was thought to be the ancestor.

These individuals died horribly in the dark. Because of its reputation and genetic deformities, the royal family never revealed them.

Did you ever wonder why there is no information available about the Whitaker family? Why they are guarded by the deputies? What is it about the Whitakers that they are left to suffer miserably?

Apparently, the Whitakers are British. Mark Laita also failed to take their ages into consideration. They aren’t in their mid-twenties. They are all old enough. Do they come from a powerful family? We have no idea, but it is just a thought.

They claim their parents died a long time ago, but why don’t they reveal their identities? Their only job is to hang around as unemployed people. Mark has created an online fundraising campaign for them on GoFundMe. And now there are a lot of questions about them. How do you view the Whitaker Family?