Infinite Members Gather But Sungjong Doesn’t Answer His Phone

INFINITE members gather: Before the end of 2022, it appears that INFINITE members got together amicably, although one was absent. Dongwoo of INFINITE provided an update on his Instagram story on December 28 and stated, “I’m incredibly appreciative that we were able to come together in this way. Cries. Despite my cold, I feel like I’m being warmed. Feat. Sungjong, give us a call.”

Sungjong Refuses To Answer His Phone
Sungjong Refuses To Answer His Phone

INFINITE members Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and L cordially posed for photographs in the narrative update to display their unwavering brotherly bond. Unfortunately, maker Sungjong was unable to accompany them.

In a short while, the other INFINITE members responded with their own Instagram story updates, with Sungyeol adding, “Lee Sungjong, pick up your phone.” Lee Sungjong, what in the world are you doing? Leader Sunggyu wrote. Having decided to interact with his audience, Woohyun wrote, “Can someone photoshop Lee Sungjong in, please.”

At least one more roasting of Sungjong was prevented by fellow maknae-line(?) member L’s sharing of the group’s get-together photo without any comments. The following statements were made in response: “Sungjong, please come TT,”

“Why do I feel like I can hear the members just by reading what they wrote kekekeke,” “I love this,” “Sungjong, where did you go TT,” “My heart is warmed,” “So good to see INFINITE back together!!,” “Please, an INFINITE reunion concert,” and “I miss you all so much.”

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