Jin Will Receive His Initial Military Instruction In Frontline Army Base

Jin Will Receive His Initial Military Instruction In Frontline Army Base. Jin, a member of BTS, will be undergoing his initial military training at the forward operating base. The BTS member responded to a fan’s question on November 13 at midnight, revealing that he will be attending basic training with the frontline army corp.

When a fan posed “In a month, we celebrate your birthday, Oppa. Can you feel the anticipation building?” Instead, Jin said, “I got the frontline base.” He enlisted as general infantry, so after five weeks of training at a frontline army base, he will be transferred to a different army base.

However, some supporters are concerned that Jin will spend the rest of his service stationed at another frontline base, as it is commonly believed that a person will be stationed at another frontline army base if he receives his basic military training in a frontline base. Jin, meanwhile, plans to enlist as a regular service member this coming December.

Initial Military Instruction
Initial Military Instruction

Prior To His Birthday, Jin Decided To Join The Korean Military

The BTS Army has learned that Kim Seokjin, aka Jin, will be enlisting in the military this December. It appears that he will arrive before his December 4th birthday. The news that the ARMY will be stationed on the front lines of one of Korea’s harshest districts has devastated him.

Clearing snow from the sidewalks is part of the work. It’s common knowledge that Jin hates the cold. The BTS Army is understandably concerned about how he is doing right now. Today they saw two episodes of a variety show where Jin made traditional wine.

The first farewell to a member of BTS will be the most emotional. Jin, aka Kim Seokjin, revealed that he initially intended to travel back in time by two years, but that plans had to be scrapped after Dynamite became a huge hit.

Fans are the reason Kim Seokjin, alias Jin, stated they planned to stay together during the pandemic. Two years were a golden age for the K-Pop sensations, thanks to hits like “Dynamite,” “Butter,” “Permission to Dance,” and many more.

He admitted that he is aware of the criticism levelled at him for his efforts to avoid military service despite his intention to serve. Twitter is being flooded with such tweets from heartbroken ARMY.

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