Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2: What Is The Release Date Status Of This Anime?Check It!

Interview with Monster Girls is a manga that is drawn and written by Petos. The 3rd issue of Kodansha’s Young Magazine was the first to serialise it. It was dubbed Demi-chan wa Kataritai in Japan, and it was converted into anime in 2017 by A-1 Pictures with 12 episodes.

Interview with Monster Girls is a comedic anime that also serves as a vehicle for societal critique. Many viewers are smitten by the show’s endearing cast of characters. As a result, the anime’s devotees are eagerly anticipating its continuation.

Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2 Release Date

It’s been four years since the release of season one, and there are a lot of interesting rumours. This season of 86 has reportedly already been renewed by A-1 Picture, the studio behind Sword Art Online and Kaguya-sama (Blue Exorcist), according to a source.

The director of anime, Ryou Andou, has announced that his team is ready to develop a second episode. Some admirers requested Ryou to do so. It’s understandable, given how popular the manga is in Japan. Season 2 of Interviews with Monster Girls is said to be in the hands of Funimation.
Please be reminded that there has been no official announcement of an Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2 yet. So, what we can do right now is to wait..

Will There be Enough Materials for Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2

Fortunately, yes. From what we observe, the first season of Interviews with Monster Girls adapted most of the chapter at that time, roughly two volumes of the manga. The manga has now reached its ninth volume and is still being written. So, there are like seven volumes to catch up for the anime. As a result, A-1 Picture is well-equipped to produce Season 2 of Interviews with Monster Girls.

Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2

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Monster Girls :Controversial Character

Interviews with Monster Girls explore Tetsuo Takahashi’s narrative, a hefty biology teacher who is attracted with the notion of Demi. He’s eager to meet them and learn more about them as a result of his curiosity. He’s in luck since his school is full with Demi girls.

Hikari Takanashi, a vivacious vampire, is the first to enter the fray. Unlike vampires in folklore, Hikari does not bite other people’s necks. Instead, she’s tempted to nip at the flesh of another human being. She also loves to eat garlic and drink tomato juice as a replacement for blood.

This modest dullahan, Kyouko Machi, is the other. Like every dullahan, her head is disconnected from her body.
The third is a snow lady called Yuki Kusakabe. She didn’t enjoy being a Demi at first since she was afraid it might bring damage to others. After meeting Tetsuo, she decided to reconsider.

Sakie Satou, a succubus who also happens to be a math instructor, is the last one. Because of her Demi’s character, she might stimulate others around inadvertently. Sakie wears a tracksuit to minimalize the harm.Tetsuo attempts to assist them by knowing more about them.

Is There A brand-new episode out now ?

Not so long after the conclusion of the first season, A-1 Pictures published a special episode on June 29, 2017. The episode was the thirteenth in the series. Interviews With Monster Girls: The Demi-chans’ Summer Vacation is the title of the documentary. The storey takes place throughout the monster girls’ summer vacation, as implied by the title.

Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2

Last Words-

Besides Demis that we just covered, there are additional ladies that Tetsuo encounters in the manga. Students Yoko Takahashi and Tetsuo Takahashi are working together to help Zashiko, a young zashiki-warashi, connect with the afterlife. A native of Okinawa named Kaoru Higa is also introduced to Tetsuo. The Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2 possibly covers the meetings.

Season 2 of Interview with Monster Girls has not yet been officially announced.

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