Introducing Instagram Reels

We’re excited to introduce Instagram Reels: Instagram now has a new feature that allows users to upload and share short, amusing films. To share your videos with your followers or anybody else on Instagram, use Reels. Audio, effects and additional creative tools help you create 15-second multi-clip videos. With a public Instagram account, you can share reels with your followers via Feed and make them available to the whole Instagram community via a new section in Explore. With Reels in Explore, anybody can become an Instagram creator and gain exposure to a worldwide audience.

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How It Works

How it Works

Creating Reels

Select the Reels option at the bottom of the Instagram camera screen. A number of creative editing options are available on the left side of your screen, such as:

Audio: Find a song in Instagram’s music collection. Alternatively, you can record a reel of your own audio and use that instead. Your audio will be credited to you when you share a reel with original audio, and anybody can use your audio in their own reels by selecting “Use Audio” from your reel if you have a public account.

AR Effects: To record several films with different effects, choose one of the many effects in our effect collection, which was made by Instagram and creators all over the world.

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Timer and Countdown: Hands-free recording: Set the timer to record any of your footage. You’ll notice a 3-2-1 countdown before recording begins for however long you specified once you push the record.

Align: Before you start filming your next clip, make sure your previous clip has everything you need to produce smooth transitions for things like outfit changes or adding new people to your reel.

Speed: Select a portion of the video or audio you want to speed up or slow down. Make slow-motion videos or keep a steady beat by using this.

If you’d prefer to record reels sequentially rather than all at once, you can do so by uploading videos from your collection. Press and hold the capture button to record the first clip. As you record, you’ll notice a progress bar at the top of the screen. Each clip should be recorded to the finish.

Sharing Reels

With Reels, you can share with your followers and be discovered by the enormous and diverse Instagram community on Explore.

Sharing Reels

If you have a public account:  You can upload your reel to a special section of Explore so that it can be seen and discovered by a larger audience on Instagram. In addition, you may post a link to your video reel in your Feed to show it to your followers. When someone clicks on a specific song, hashtag, or effect in a video you’ve shared, your video may display on a dedicated website.

If you have a Personal Account: Reels is aware of your Instagram privacy settings. If you share to Feed, your reel will only be visible to your followers. Original audio from your reels cannot be used, and your reels cannot be shared with anyone who doesn’t follow you.

As soon as you’ve completed your reel, head to the share page to save a draught of it and modify the cover image. You can also add a caption, hashtags, and friends to the reel. A Reels tab will appear on your profile after you’ve shared a reel, allowing others to view the reels you’ve made public. If you share to your Feed as well, your reel will show up on your main profile grid, however, you can remove it if you choose.

Sharing your reel on Snapchat is possible whether you have a public or a private account. Your reel will operate like a standard Story—it won’t be shared with Reels in Explore, it won’t appear on your profile, and it will expire after 24 hours if you want to do this.

Watching Reels

Using Reels in Explore, Instagram users can see the best of what’s currently trending. A vertical feed of reels made by anyone on Instagram, curated for your viewing pleasure, is now available. It’s easy to share a reel you enjoy with your friends by liking, commenting on, or commenting on it.

Watching Reels

In addition, you may come across reels labeled “Featured” on your search. You’ll be notified if your reel appears in Explore. In order to help you find new and exciting material, Instagram has curated a selection of public reels to include in its featured reels. New methods to express yourself, find more of what you love on Instagram and empower anyone with the desire to become creative are provided by Reels.