On ‘Iu’s Palette,’ Iu Explains Why She Related to Kara

IU explains why she related to KARA: On ‘IU’s Palette,’ IU explained why she described to KARA. IU and KARA discussed their past together on the December 3rd episode of ‘IU’s Palette.’ Nicole discussed working with IU on shows like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Inkigayo,’ stating, “Even when she was young, IU was mature, compassionate, and affectionate.

It’s nice to see she’s still the same after all these years. She’s still warm, so thank you for helping me feel at ease and for your invaluable assistance to the team.” “I suppose you have the same thoughts as I do,” IU said, causing Nicole to cry. IU went on, “I definitely wanted to perform an episode about KARA since I’m a fan and want to show my support.

I wasn’t popular when I first appeared and had to take things slowly. KARA represented a ray of hope for me at the moment. KARA sunbeams were late bloomers as well. It made many people think, ‘That could happen to me as well.'” Turn on the English captions and watch ‘IU’s Palette’ featuring KARA above.

IU Palette
IU Palette

IU’s Palette

Palette is IU’s fourth full-length album as a recording artist. On April 21, 2017, it was released by LOEN Entertainment as part of their FAVE Entertainment label. It has been three years since IU’s last album, Chat-Shire (2015), and four years since her last full-length, Modern Times (2013).

The album was well-received by critics and fans alike. It gave rise to three singles, beginning with March’s “Through the Night,” April’s “Can’t Love You Anymore,” and April’s “Palette” (the album’s title tune). The album’s three singles all charted at the top spot on the South Korean Gaon Chart.

In 2017, the album was ranked first on Billboard’s “Best K-Pop Albums” list. As a result of this album, IU was nominated for Artist of the Year at the 27th Seoul Music Awards, won Record of the Year (Album), and received a Melon Music Award for Album of the Year. Palette also took home the “Best Pop Album” trophy at this year’s 15th annual Korean Music Awards.

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Kara, a girl group from South Korea, was founded by DSP Media in 2007. Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, and Youngji completed the group’s final roster. Nicole and Jiyoung quit the group formally in 2014, but they will be back on their 15th anniversary in 2022.

Meanwhile, Sunghee left the group in 2008. Originally a foursome, they made their debut in March 2007 with the studio album The First Blooming and the accompanying single “Break It,” showcasing a powerful feminine persona and a sophisticated R&B style.

The group had high hopes because they were seen as the inevitable successors to their more seasoned label partner, Fin. K.L. Unfortunately, the public and the industry did not warm to their debut.

Kim Sung-hee left the group the following year after facing pressure from his parents to stop singing and was replaced by Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung.

Their accession coincided with a shift in the group’s sound and image toward a “beautiful but natural” aesthetic, and they released their first mini-album, Rock U, in July 2008. With “Honey,” they finally had a hit single (2009).

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