Jacob Bertrand Girlfriend(Serena Pullen): Are They Still Dating?

Despite his early age, Jacob Bertrand has gained a large following and critical acclaim. The rising star’s extensive media sector background is to blame for his success. It wasn’t long after his performance as Thomas Wilkins in “Duress” that he was cast in guest roles on episodes like “Cape” and “The Middle.” ‘Marvin Marvin’ and ‘Bubble Guppies’ made him a Nickelodeon star in 2012, when he was cast as the antagonist in ‘Bubble Guppies.’

After playing the title character in the 2014 Disney XD adventure comedy series ‘Kirby Buckets,’ Bertrand’s career skyrocketed. From his role as Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz in ‘Cobra Kai’s season 1, the actor was promoted to the show’s main cast in season 2. However, millions of hearts have been won over by his great portrayal in the comedy-drama, but what about his personal life?” Get to know his newest love interest in this comprehensive guide!

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Who Is Jacob Bertrand?

As a child actor, Jacob Bertrand (born March 6, 2000) appeared in the 2009 film Duress and guest-starred on television shows such as The Cape and The Middle, where he was a regular cast member. Kirby Buckets, a 2014 Disney XD sitcom starring him, and The Swap, a 2016 Disney Channel Original Movie starring him, are two of his more well-known roles. Bertrand has been playing Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz in the Cobra Kai series on YouTube Premium and Netflix since 2018.

Jacob Bertrand Early Life

Jacob Bertrand, who was born on March 6th, 2000, began karate training at the age of eight. He already had a purple belt in advanced martial arts when he decided to pursue acting professionally. After getting a supporting role in the psychological thriller “Duress,” his career as a child artist got off to a good start at the tender age of nine. Despite being an actor, Bertrand continued to participate in combat sports, and he eventually moved to grappling training for a few years.

Cobra Kai’s producers reintroduced the multidimensional actor to skateboarding before bringing him back to the sport he had previously enjoyed. A candid interview with Bertrand revealed, “My parents were simply really upset because we raced around attempting to do karate moves all over. Like slamming vases to the ground.” While preparing for the second season of the famed ‘Cobra Kai,’ the 21-year-old star graduated from high school. Bertrand, in contrast to Mary Mouser, keeps a tight lid on his love life.

Jacob Bertrand Career

 Henry in Marvin was Bertrand’s first major role. Before Disney, Bertrand had a successful career with Nickelodeon shows. In the third season of the animated series Bubble Guppies, he played Gil. In Disney XD’s Kirby Buckets, he played Kirby. Bertrand was cast in the Karate Kid prequel-sequel, Cobra Kai.

The show originally aired on YouTube Premium before moving to Netflix. His admirers adored him because he was born with a cleft lip. Smile Train was the result of this. Cleft lip and cleft palate are both physically and emotionally debilitating for the performer, he recalls. Smile Train educates and compensates local medical experts to deliver free cleft surgery to children all around the world.

Who Is Serena Pullen?

Serena Pullen is known for Terpsichore (2009), Terpsichore (2007), and Santa Rosa (2008), actor Serena Pullen also composes music (2004).

Jacob Bertrand Girlfriend

Jacob Bertrand counts himself among the fortunate few who have discovered genuine love so early in life. Serena Pullen, his longtime love, has been by his side for many years. In May of 2018, he referred to her as his “best friend,” yet on July 25 of the same year, he wished her a happy anniversary instead. When he attended his senior prom with her, he was accompanied by a stunningly beautiful woman.

Bertrand’s ardent acting career led several of his admirers to believe that he had divorced his wife. However, he continues to convey how much he misses Serena on a daily basis, making this appear more and more implausible. He can’t get enough of the fact that his lady love comes to his shows, and he thinks they make the cutest couple ever!

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Jacob Bertrand and Serena Pullen Bonded Over Squid Game?

Another time, Bertrand was on the verge of crossing the line with Pullen. HoYeun Jung, the star of Squid Game, was a favorite of both of them.

We were watching a television show at the time, Bertrand admitted. It was a compliment, she said. That is what I intend to convey. When I’m watching a show, I’ll never say out loud that I believe a female character is attractive. Waiting for her to say “Wow, that girl is stunning” and then say “Yes, I think that girl is rather cute” is how I know she likes her. In the past, Bertrand has admitted to making the same mistake.

That was something Bertrand had done in the past, he assured her. “Man, Rachel McAdams is so beautiful to me. You do?’ I asked. “Wow, that’s fantastic.” Mariduena kept on berating Bertrand, reminding him that he had just recorded a podcast about his dating approach.

This is a lose-lose situation, as Mariduea pointed out. “A, we know that your girlfriend listens to this podcast,” he added. “B, you’ve now divulged your method, your secret” Bertrand had second thoughts, but the podcast did not edit it out of the story. ‘ For some reason, Bertrand had the impression that his wife didn’t pay attention to his advice.