Jake Runyan Net Worth: What Did Fisherman Do In Tournament?

Jake Runyan Net Worth: An American professional angler from Ohio named Jake Runyan is thought to be worth $800,000. Cleveland, Ohio native and professional fisherman Jake Runyan has an estimated net worth of $800,000 in 2022. In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media platforms, Runyan and his fishing buddy Chase Cominsky are seen packing their fish with weights to make them heavier for a competition. Until the tournament organizer chopped into their fish and discovered hefty lead weights, Runyan and Cominsky have crowned champions of the 2022 Lake Erie Walleye Trail.

Several titles, including the December 2021 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship, the Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl Championship, and the Walleye Slam Championship, are now in question due to the cheating scandal. The award for the successful pair was a whopping $306,000 in addition to the honor of becoming champions. Runyan and Cominsky were disqualified from a fishing tournament in Ohio, where they stood to win $28,760.

Have Runyan And Cominsky Previously Been Disqualified?

Both Runyan and Cominsky were banned from the 2021 Fall Brawl fishing competition after one of the two failed a polygraph examination. Because of their disqualification, they did not win the top prize of $100,000. Multiple matches wins, including the Fall Brawl and Walleye Slam in 2021, and tens of thousands of dollars in walleye contests were obtained by Runyan and Cominsky through cheating. They filled the enormous 12-ounce egg sinkers with filleted walleye meat. Cominsky had already locked himself in his truck in the parking lot, and Fischer requested Runyan to leave since the crowd was threatening him.

Actions Against Cominsky And Runyan

New winners have been chosen, and Runyan and Cominsky have been eliminated. It’s the same as last year; just because the team has won doesn’t mean they know how to fix the problem. There could be significant financial consequences if event planners from the past pursue legal action.

Both Chase and Cominsky face possible “theft by deception” charges if they are found guilty of the allegations against them. Even though Runyan and Cominsky had been suspected of cheating in the past, it is unclear why the Lake Erie Fish Tournament organizer chopped the walleye.

Jake And His Partner Chase Cominsky

It was uncovered over the weekend that a highly skilled fishing duo with a stellar record in angler contests had deliberately underweighted their catch in a big tournament in the Midwest. It was announced on Friday in Ohio that Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky had won the Lake Erie Walleye Trail event and would split the $29,000 prize pool. However, the winning team’s haul of five walleye came in at 34 pounds, over 14 pounds more than average.

A video of the event, which has since gone viral, shows a large group of contenders congregating shortly after Fischer’s statement and voicing their displeasure in less than diplomatic terms. A few fishermen used profanity and called for the crooks’ arrest. While Runyan gave the impression of leaving, he lingered to watch Fischer fillet the final four walleye.

Chase And Jake Were Caught Cheating In A Competition

It’s believed that Hermitage resident Chase Cinsky and his fishing buddy Jacob Runyan cheated at the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship on Friday by inserting lead weights into the fish they caught. When the regular season was through, Cominsky and Runyon were at the top of the team’s season standings. The infidelity scandal involves Jacob and Chase.

However, the victory was short-lived when a competition supervisor discovered the fish was significantly lighter than advertised when they sliced it open. Cominsky and Runyon’s total poundage increased after the fish were weighed, propelling them to the top of the leaderboard. Event organizer Jason Fischer reportedly found lead weights inside the fish submitted by Hermitage resident Chase Cominsky and his fishing partner Jacob Runyan, as reported by the Toledo Blade.

The team was disqualified after the release of the weights, and another duo took home the trophy. When people found out that Cominsky and Runyon had cheated, they were furious. The Blade reports that Cominsky and Runyon were disqualified from a 2021 Lake Erie Walleye Trail event after one of them rejected a polygraph. He let them know when Runyon and the Blade had finished their second polygraph test,

On Friday, event organizers reportedly contacted conservation officers from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office has commissioned the research. The ODNR has been tight-lipped about the incident, citing ongoing investigations.

Sponsors Of Jake And His Partner Chase Cominsky

The winning LEWT Team of the Year and championship teams, Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan, were barred. After cutting open the five fish they had registered, the tournament’s director Jason Fischer reportedly found eight pounds of lead weights and pieces from smaller walleyes. Cominsky and Runyan, who compete in “Team Crankin’ Hogs” fishing tournaments, caught five fish totaling more than 33 pounds.

Fischer and the other competitors who had submitted fish of a similar size were alarmed by this weight about the fish’s size. This wasn’t the first time Cominsky and Runyan were the subjects of controversy. In the Walleye Autumn Brawl and the Walleye Slam, two major competitions on Lake Erie, Runyan entered a fish weighing 12.770 pounds in 2021.

He was, however, disqualified from the Fall Brawl allegedly for failing a polygraph test. After passing the Walleye Slam’s polygraph examination, he was eventually awarded a fully furnished boat that cost over $150,000. Cominsky took home $5,000 for placing tenth overall. Cominsky and Runyan have won various tournaments over the past two years, including the 2021 LEWT Championship and several 2022 LEWT events (in Ashtabula and Lorain).

According to Fischer, if they had won the 2022 LEWT Tournament and been named Team of the Year, they would have received about $29,000 in addition to bonus money from a boat sponsorship. Fischer asserted that he was unaware of any way to contest the pair’s prior championship accomplishments. He claimed earlier this year that LEWT had conducted vocal and deceptive tests on Runyan and Cominsky following tournaments.

In addition, LEWT hired a cinematographer to follow them in their boat throughout one of the events this year as part of their videography efforts.

Jake Runyan Net Worth

An American professional angler from Ohio named Jake Runyan is thought to be worth $800,000. Jacob and his companion received a massive cash award of $306,000. Comnisky and Runyan were in the middle of winning about $29,000 in prize money in an Ohio-based fishing competition. However, these outstanding achievements are currently being questioned due to the two parties involved in one of the most significant fishing disputes in recent memory.

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