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Jamarcus Russell’s Net Worth Updated 2022!

Jamarcus Russell's Net Worth

Ex-NFL quarterback JaMarcus Russell. The Oakland Raiders were his team for three years. His 2007 Sugar Bowl MVP performance led his team to victory. The Raiders used the first pick in the 2007 NFL Draft to select him. He was drafted by Oakland, but he refused to sign a contract until the second week of the 2007 season, which caused tensions to rise. By June of 2022, JaMarcus Russell is expected to have made somewhere around $4 million.

Jamarcus Russell’s Early Life

JaMarcus Trenell Russell entered the world on August 9, 1985, in Mobile, Alabama. Russell’s parents were both secretaries, one at a law firm and the other at a factory. His cousin Marshawn Lynch, a former NFL running back, is a relative of JaMarcus, so you could say that football is in the family blood. JaMarcus’s other famous relative is his uncle Ray Ray Russell. In his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, Ray Ray was a popular radio personality. The cousin of JaMarcus, who lost his uncle Ray Ray in 2009, opened a waffle and chicken restaurant in his memory. JaMarcus suffered severe emotional distress after the 2009 death of Russell’s other uncle. That could have been a factor in his lackluster play in 2009.

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JaMarcus went to high school in Mobile, where he excelled in the sport of football. During his senior year, he played in every game and threw for 2,683 yards. In his senior year, he continued to excel, throwing for 3,332 yards and 22 touchdowns. He finished his high school career with 10,774 passing yards, an Alabama record that stands to this day. After completing his secondary education, JaMarcus enrolled at Louisiana State University. After the Sugar Bowl victory over Notre Dame, he took over as starting quarterback and received widespread media attention. For his efforts in the Sugar Bowl, he was named the game’s most valuable player.

Jamarcus Russell’s Career

In order to pursue a career in professional football, JaMarcus opted out of his senior year of college and entered the 2007 NFL Draft. Russell’s size and arm strength made him a promising prospect. Because of this, the Oakland Raiders picked him with the first overall pick. Although many people, including Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin, had warned Al Davis against signing him, Davis went ahead and did it anyway (he was later fired). From the start of their relationship, JaMarcus and the Raiders were at odds. It wasn’t until the first week of the 2007 NFL season that they settled on a lucrative contract.

Russell’s play for the Raiders was disappointing from the moment he joined the team in 2007. While he struggled at times, he showed enough promise to keep his starting job into 2008. Tom Cable, who had taken over as head coach earlier, led the team to a winning record. Despite competition from other quarterbacks, Russell kept his starting job in 2009. Bruce Gradkowski replaced JaMarcus after the team lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, and the decision to do so was made by coach Tom Cable. After Gradkowski was hurt, Russell took over as the replacement. When Russell’s play kept falling short of expectations, he was demoted to backup quarterback behind Charlie Frye.

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In 2010, JaMarcus’s weight gain was widely reported. The Raiders eventually cut ties with him after that. His professional career was over, despite training with several NFL teams after his release.

Jamarcus Russell’s Career Earnings

To the tune of $40 million, JaMarcus’ earnings came from endorsements and salaries. This amounts to roughly $1.6 million in starting salary. The Oakland Raiders signed JaMarcus Russell to a 6-year, $68 million contract in 2007, with $32 million of that amount guaranteed. The roughly $39 million he earned during his three disappointing NFL seasons was not wasted on him. The Raiders filed a lawsuit against JaMarcus to try and recoup $9 million in payments at one point. In the end, though, the tables were turned, and the Raiders were ordered to pay Russell $3 million more. Once all the numbers are in, JaMarcus averaged about $100,000 per completion during his NFL career.

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How much money does JaMarcus Russell have?

Having played professional football in the United States, JaMarcus Russell is now worth $4 million. Russell was one of the most talked-about rookie quarterbacks in the NFL after his Sugar Bowl victory, but he never lived up to his hype. He was the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, but he was cut after only three seasons. JaMarcus had previously signed a lucrative contract with the Raiders, which he had won by holding out prior to his rookie season. Critics and historians of the NFL are in agreement that JaMarcus Russell was one of the biggest busts in league annals. After retiring from sports, Russell ran into financial and legal trouble.

Financial Issues

Russell lost a large chunk of his fortune despite earning $39 million in the NFL before taxes. After JaMarcus missed more than $200,000 in mortgage payments starting in 2011, the bank took possession of his $2.4 million Oakland mansion and sold it at auction. At roughly the same time, he became one of California’s top income-tax evaders. Previously, JaMarcus had been hit with a tax lien for $223,180 related to his 2008 tax return. Russell, however, settled his financial obligations.

Legal Issues

Russell was reportedly arrested in Mobile County, Alabama in 2010 for drug possession. Codeine syrup turned out to be an illegal substance, and the entire arrest turned out to be a sting operation. JaMarcus was able to post bail and go free quickly. Afterward, it was said that Russell’s chances of getting signed by a new NFL team were significantly hampered by this arrest. There had been rumors about JaMarcus’ purported “purple drank” use during his time with the Raiders for years prior to this incident. Subsequent to the 2007 NFL Draft, Russell disclosed that he had tested positive for codeine.

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Property Investment

Back in 2007, JaMarcus made the aforementioned investment in a mansion in Oakland. Homeowners will appreciate the bay views, fireplace, six bedrooms, and four garage spaces. This house reportedly went through foreclosure in 2011 and was sold the following year.


Former American football player JaMarcus Russell. Russell’s salary and endorsements combined for $40 million. Unfortunately, his time spent in the NFL was brief. The Raiders waived him in 2010. A rough calculation shows that he averaged $1.6 million per career start. By June of 2022, JaMarcus Russell is expected to have made somewhere around $4 million.

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