Jamie Lee Curtis Cried At Kanye’s Antisemitic Tweets “He needs help”

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the celebs that are disgusted by the behavior that Kanye West has displayed on social media. The musician, who is 45 years old, had antisemitic insults posted to his Instagram and Twitter accounts over the weekend, which led to those accounts being restricted.

On Monday, Curtis appeared on the Today show and was upset when the topic of West’s comments was brought up. Curtis’s father was Jewish. Curtis shared his experience with Hoda Kotb, saying, “I woke up and burst into tears.” “What are you doing at the moment?

It’s terrible enough that fascism is making a comeback worldwide; why is it even happening on Twitter? On a doorway through which to pour that in, Jewish people haven’t had it difficult enough already? … As if individuals of Asian descent haven’t already been through enough. To put it another way, it was revolting.”

The music of Kanye West elicits an emotional response from Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee Curtis reacted emotionally to the “abhorrent” remarks posted by Kanye West. Twitter deleted tweets sent by West that went as follows: “Tonight, I’m feeling a little tired, but when I wake up, I’m going to kill myself.

Argument No. 3 Regarding Jewish People… The irony is that I cannot be anti-Semitic because Black people are Jews as well… You people have been playing games with me and trying to smear the reputation of everyone who disagrees with your plan.” Kotb, who has conducted multiple interviews with Curtis, remarked that she had “never seen your eyes flood up with rage like that.”

The response that Curtis gave was, “I woke up, and… I thought [about] my grandparents.” “It’s awful conduct; I hope he gets help. I sincerely hope he can assist his children. It’s an awful situation.” Curtis continued, “Who would we be if we hadn’t reacted to what happened? What does that imply about the individuals who aren’t reacting?”

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