Jamie Reveals Her Relationship With ‘The Iron Squad Season 2’ Cast Member Goo Min Chul

Jamie Reveals Her Relationship: Jamie has let it slip that she is seeing Goo Min Chul In a post to Instagram on November 20th, Jamie encouraged her followers to “let their joy flow” with the hashtag #LBL.

The four monochrome moving images feature a passionate embrace between Jamie and Goo Min Chul. A kiss in one of the moving pictures specifically confirmed their romantic involvement. On November 21st, a representative from Jamie’s label, Warner Music Korea, said, “We have confirmed that the two are currently dating.

Jamie Reveals Her Relationship
Jamie Reveals Her Relationship

” Be kind to them, if you can. Jamie first gained attention in 2012 when she and Baek Yerin won SBS’s “K-Pop Star Season 1″ as the duet 15&. She began her career as a solo singer in 2015, and in 2020 she signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea, at which time she officially changed her stage name from Park Ji Min to Jamie.

She just dropped the EP “One Bad Night.” This past May, Channel A and ENA’s “The Iron Squad 2” concluded its run, during which time Goo Min Chul portrayed a reserve sergeant in the Navy Special Warfare Team (UDT). Jamie and her partner have our best wishes.

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