Jeff Lazkhani Net Worth: Bio, Career, and Whom Is He Married With?

Jeff Lazkani will be worth $250k by the year 2022, according to his most recent earnings report. Managing Partner of Icon Media Direct, an advertising service firm, Jeff Lazkani is an American entrepreneur. Several of Icon’s most important clients look to him for strategic guidance. Chelsa Lazkani, the star of Selling Sunset and a well-known real estate agent, is married to him.

Jeff Lazkhani Biography

The Libyan ancestry of Jeff dates back to his birth in February 1982. Since his parents separated, he doesn’t know who his biological father is. Nevertheless, as Jeff’s mother, Nancy is described as forceful and striking in Jeff Selling Sunset. Additionally, she has developed a profitable business for herself and her children. Sara Z Lazkani, Jeff’s younger sister, completes the family.

The University of San Diego awarded Jeff a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Aside from working for Icon Media, his previous roles have included event management and advertising, and marketing. He has also written copy for a range of firms. After Jeff and Chelsea’s marriage on August 12th of this year, he’s proven himself to be a great husband and father. Then there’s the fact that they’ve already had two children.

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Jeff Lazkhani Family and Education

Jeff Lazkani was born on February 18, 1982, and reared in Manhattan Beach, California with his parents. After a 10-year marriage, Nancy Lazkani, his mother, became CEO of an advertising service company in Sherman Oaks, California, and has worked in performance-based advertising for over 30 years, specializing in LinearTV, CTV, and programmed media advertising. One sister, Sara Z Lazkani, is all he has left. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, and operations from the University of San Diego.

Jeff Lazkhani Career

When Jeff Lazkani’s mother started Icon Media Direct, he was about to graduate from high school. He subsequently moved on to Icon Media Direct, where he quickly ascended through the ranks to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

While with the company for 16 years, he’s performed many roles, including traffic coordinator and account manager, director of business development, and vice president of strategy. Since 2021, Icon Media Direct has had a managing partner. In addition, Lazkani has a diverse background in volunteer work. There are educational opportunities for him through his involvement with Questex and the BWG Strategy advisory board. In addition, he worked as an event director for the Red Cross Blood Services.

Jeff Lazkhani Personal Life

Jeff Lazkani and Chelsea Lazkani met in the United States in 2015 while Chelsea was on vacation. They later married. As soon as they met, her short vacation turned into a more extended stay. In 2017 they got married. Their two children are Melia Man and Maddox Ali Lavon. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Chelsea was a successful business executive. After taking some time off to raise her children, she was eager to go back into the world of luxury real estate.

Jeff had introduced her to Jason Oppenheim. As a result, she landed a job at The Oppenheim Group and a role on Selling Sunset. Chelsea is a well-known Los Angeles real estate agent, while Jeff is an executive at a large financial institution. According to the most recent estimates, they have a fortune in the vicinity of $600,000.


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Jeff Lazkhani Net Worth

He is expected to be worth roughly $250 thousand in 2022. Lazkani is a second-generation entrepreneur and the son of a self-made woman. Icon Media Direct is the ad agency where he has built his fortune. Jeff has been a managing partner at this family business for the past year after serving in several capacities inside the company.

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Wealth Growth

Net Worth in 2022 $250K
Net Worth in 2021 $230K
Net Worth in 2020 $200K
Net Worth in 2019 $120K
Net Worth in 2018 $100K

Jeff Lazkhani Relationship

An online article claims that he and his wife have been together for a while. He is married to Chelsea Lazkani. He prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye. We’ll give you all the details we have on Jeff Lazkani.