Jeffree Star’s Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Known professionally as Jeffree Star, he is a multi-faceted entertainer and businessman in the United States. He is known for his work as a beauty expert, model, singer, composer, DJ, and actor.

Jeffree Star is best known as the founder and proprietor of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a cosmetics conglomerate. He is currently the world’s highest-paid YouTuber and an openly gay man.

Quick Facts  
Full name  Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.
Popular Name Jeffree Star
Sexual Orientation Gay
Birth Date November 15, 1985
Birth Place Los Angeles County, California
Age 36 years
Parents Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Sr. and Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger
Siblings None
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Pacifica High School
Marital Status Single, but previously in a relationship with Nathan Schwandt
Wife/Spouse N/A
Children None
Dating N/A
Net Worth USD 250 million (as of August 1, 2021)
Source of Wealth Modelling, Fashion Design, Singing, Songwriting, DeeJaying, Acting, YouTubing, and Other Ventures
Height 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
Weight 71 kg; In pounds: 157 lbs

Early Life and Career Information

Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steinstrom and Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Sr. gave birth to Jeffree Star on November 15, 1985, in Los Angeles County.

After the death of his father at the age of six, Star was largely nurtured by his mother, a model.Starting at a young age, Jeffree was fascinated with the art of fashion modelling.

When he was in junior high school, he begged his mother to allow him to wear some of her make-up to school so he could experiment with it.

When Jeffree Star graduated from high school, he moved to Los Angeles and began working in the fashion and music industries. At the weekends, he posed as a make-up artist to enter Hollywood clubs.

As it turns out, his pranks paid off, as he was frequently recruited to perform make-up in the houses of well-known celebrities, in addition to working on the side for weddings and fashion shoots.

MySpace became a popular outlet for Jeffree Star over time. He used social media to showcase his fashion design, modelling, and music skills.

With regular posts on MySpace, Star rose to prominence as one of the most popular celebrities. His images may elicit as many as 50,000 comments.

As of 2006, he had the highest number of MySpace connections and was regarded as one of the most successful independent musicians on the platform.

Samantha Maloney, the drummer for Peaches, pushed Jeffree Star to become a full-time musician at the same time.

Having taken Maloney’s advice, he began his music career by specialising in electronica and pop.

Star’s sole studio album, Beauty Killer, was released in 2009. The album was a hit, reaching the #7 slot on the US Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart in its debut week.

Lollipop Luxury (with Nicki Minaj) is one of the album’s most popular tracks.

With an eye toward PTO port, Jeffrey Star inked a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik in 2010. Because of the absence of rapport between him and Akon at Konvict Muzik, the singer departed the label.

Since the release of his debut album, Star has released four additional albums and five more music videos under his name.

Jeffree Staunched Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his most successful cosmetics company to date, in 2014.

He became one of the most well-known YouTube stars by promoting the company with videos posted to his channel.As of October 2020, he had 17.4 million subscribers and 2.4 billion views on his YouTube account.

Acting and DJing are two more passions of Jeffree Stars.

In his acting career, he has appeared in a number several series, including five episodes of The Secret World of Jeffree Star (2018) and nine episodes of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star (2019).

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Jeffree Star Success: Income & Earning From Youtube

His makeup empire, according to Jeffrey, generates annual gross revenue of around $100 million, according to a 2018 interview with YouTuber Shane Dawson.

Despite this, Jeffree’s mansion and car collection reveal that the company is doing exceptionally well!Among Jeffree Star’s current investments are marijuana, real estate, and merchandise.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics and other dropshipping companies use his shipping and fulfilment centre, which he owns. A new range of eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks by Jeffree and Shane will be released in 2019.

In an October 2019 YouTube video, Jeffrey said that they would make $35 million if they sold out of the eye-shadow, with $10 million going to Shane and the rest going to the business. Rearranging the numbers would raise them even higher in the end.

Between January 1st of last year, Jeffrey made a total of $18 million through his numerous business operations.

According to Forbes, he is now the 5th highest-paid YouTube star in the world.As of 2019, Jeffree has a net worth of $17 million, making him the world’s fourth-highest-paid YouTuber.

A Forbes magazine ranking of the world’s 10 highest-paid YouTube stars in 2020 places Jeffree at $15 million.Jeffree StarRead more:-

Jeffree Star’s Net Worth

Jeffrey Star was worth $250 million as of August 1, 2021. His successful careers as a make-up artist, fashion designer, and YouTube personality have contributed significantly to his net worth.

He claimed to make over $100 million a year from his Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand in a 2018 interview with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson.

The extravagant lifestyle that Jeffrey portrays in the interview and other films that he has posted on his own YouTube channel lend credence to these allegations, which cannot be independently verified.

Additionally, the cosmetics company has expanded its product line to include velour liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, lip treatments, as well as clothing and accessory lines since its inception in 2003.

In addition, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and other dropshipping companies use Star’s shipping and fulfilment centres.

Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel is also a big source of income for him. A Forbes story from last year claims that YouTube alone brought in about $18 million in income for Star.

Investments in the cannabis and real estate industries have also been made by Jeffrey Star.

Net Worth $250 Million
Age 35
Born November 15, 1985
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Entrepreneur/Internet Celebrity
Last Updated 2022

Jeffree StarLessons From Jeffree Star

You can’t just give up and walk away.

Jeffree Star was practically broke when he ended his music career. His dream of working with models and doing their make-up never faded, however. Jeffree Star Cosmetics was founded by salvaging the few savings he had left.

Put a finger in everything.

To build meaningful wealth, you must engage in a variety of income-generating activities. It looks that Star has grasped this critical success lesson, as seen by the zeal with which he pursues several business endeavours.

Never stay in a place where you aren’t satisfied.

According to Jeffrey Star, when he signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik label, there was a personality clash. That’s how he walked away from the record company.

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Famous Quotes By Jeffree Star

It’s been said, “Be yourself, and you’ll be happier.””Haters are merely befuddled admirers who can’t figure out why everyone likes you,” said one.

For the sake of provoking thought, my entire existence is an intentional contradiction.” People seem to have lost the ability to form their independent viewpoints.

When you’re always waiting for someone else to tell you what to do and what you should wear, it can get realtones.It’s important to keep in mind that true beauty originates from within the containers of your beauty products.

To find out who your real pals are, I’ll show you.” Get yourself in a bind and see who’s still around.Jeffree StarConclusion

Jeffree Star is a rare kind of artist that possesses a wide range of skills. Actor/singer/model/entrepreneur/make-up artist/singer/musician/fashion designer/YouTuber All in one place.

These aren’t just words on a page. The beauty guru has a net worth of $250 million because of these two sources of income.

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