Jennie Net Worth: Is She the Wealthiest Girl in the BLACKPINK Group?

Jennie Net Worth: A member of the female K-pop group Black Pink, Jennie Kim is a pop singer from South Korea. Soon after finishing her studies in New Zealand, Kim relocated to Seoul, South Korea, where she was signed as a trainee by ‘YG Entertainment.

She shot to stardom after featuring in G-breakthrough Dragon’s single “That XX” music video. The next year, she appeared on his single “Black.” The debut of ‘Black Pink’ has been heavily promoted by ‘YG Entertainment,’ and on August 8, 2016, Jennie made her official debut alongside Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé as a member of the band.

Additionally, Jennie has worked with other artists like Lee Hi and Seungri on his single “Special,” as well as G Dragon and his single “GG Be,” and G Dragon’s single “Eventually.” She, like the rest of the band members, has a large fan base and is often viewed as the band’s leader.

To this day, Jennie Kim is known as “the YG Princess” and her record label, “YG Entertainment,” calls her “the label’s trump card.” She sings at the top of the K-pop charts and speaks four languages (Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean).

Jennie Net Worth
Jennie Net Worth

Jennie Early Life

On January 16, 1996, Jennie Kim entered the world in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Before relocating to Aotearoa, she finished the first part of her education at Cheongdam Elementary School in Seoul.

She and her family took a journey to Australia and New Zealand when she was eight years old. After being asked by her mother if she liked New Zealand, Jennie said, “yes,” thus the next year she attended Waikowhai Intermediate School in Auckland while staying with a host family.

In the MBC documentary English Must Change to Survive, Jennie discussed her efforts to learn English (2006). She always wanted to be a ballet dancer ever since she was a young girl. She attended ACG Parnell College after finishing intermediate.

While living in New Zealand, Jennie was introduced to K-pop and quickly became a fan of YG Entertainment’s sound. When she was 14, her mother had planned to relocate her to Florida, USA, so that she might complete her education and eventually become a lawyer or a teacher.

She was not fond of this concept, and she worried that she would be unable to find meaningful employment in her new environment. As a result of her family’s encouragement, she returned to South Korea in 2010 to attend Cheongdam Middle School.

In the same year, Jennie performed “Take a Bow” by Rihanna at an audition for YG Entertainment, which led to her being signed as a trainee by the label. She admitted through High Cut Korea that she was so shy and hesitant to introduce herself at her audition because she was terrified of people and unwilling to take initiative.

She was hired as a vocalist at first, but the organisation thought she’d be more suited to the job of rapper because so many of the songs she sang had raps in them and she was the only trainee to speak English as well as her native Korean; she also understands some Japanese and French.

Jennie Career

In a snapshot posted to the YG Entertainment blog on April 10, 2012, and titled “Who’s that girl?” Jennie officially debuted. The internet at large took notice of her picture, and inquiries about the “Mystery Girl” quickly surpassed those for any other subject on search portals.

Released on YouTube and the company’s site on August 30 under the headline “YG Trainee – Jennie Kim,” the video featured Kim performing a cover of “Strange Clouds” by B.o.B. featuring Lil Wayne.

On September 1, Jennie made her acting debut in G-“That Dragon’s XX” music video from his One of a Kind EP. On January 21, 2013, a new video named “Jennie Kim – YG New Artist” was released. In it, she sang a rendition of rap artist Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb.”

Jennie was featured on Lee Hi’s B-side “Special” from her first album First Love, which was released in March. As of Seungri’s August Let’s Talk About Love EP’s B-side single GG Be, Jennie was featured on the tune.

She recorded her part for the B-side track “Black” from G-album Dragon’s Coup d’Etat in less than five days in September. In her debut public performance, she appeared with G-Dragon on SBS’s Inkigayo on September 8.

Jennie Personal Life

South Korean capital and current home to Jennie Kim, she entered the world on January 16, 1996. After deciding to attend ‘ACG Parnell College,’ she uprooted and headed for New Zealand. She came to South Korea after finishing school and was quickly signed by ‘YG Entertainment.

Jennie Net Worth
Jennie Net Worth

Her parents are both in the media; her dad runs a hospital, and her mom works for “CJ E&M.” There have been rumours that Big Bang’s G Dragon is dating Jennie Kim. However, other sources state that the breakup occurred in May of 2022.


Despite her efforts to avoid them, Jennie Kim found herself in the middle of a heated debate after appearing on an episode of the comedy show “Knowing Bros.” Kim Youngcheol was asked in a made-up dialogue about where in New Zealand she had previously lived.

Do you know any New Zealand cities?” she retorted. As a result, many people were offended by her response, but she ignored the criticism.

Jennie Net Worth

South Korean rapper, singer, and model Jennie Kim is worth $10 million. Jennie Kim was born in January 1996 in Seoul, South Korea. She used to be in the popular girl band Blackpink. In 2018, the group released their first studio album, titled Blackpink in Your Area, which peaked at number nine in Japan.

Square Up, an EP released by Blackpink in 2018, debuted at No. 1 on the Korean Albums Chart and No. 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart. After its release in 2019, their extended play Kill This Love quickly rose to the top of the US World chart and the number three spot in Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jennie in a relationship?

Other major K-Pop stars have also been associated with Jennie, in addition to Kai. The rumours of her dating Big Bang’s G-Dragon began in 2021, and by May 2022, she was reportedly seen in a car with V of BTS.

What is Jennie fav color?

She has a soft spot for black and pink. When things don’t go her way, she loses her temper.

Which Disney princess is Jennie favorite?

Favourite Disney heroines with the #BLACKPINK crowd: A Little Mermaid Rosé In the words of Lisa: Rapunzel Pocahontas Jisoo, as pronounced by Jennie.

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