#Jimin’s ‘With You’ is Most Used OST on Tiktok and Instagram by BTS Member

#Jimin’s ‘With You’ is most Used OST on TikTok and Instagram by BTS member. As a multi-talented superstar, Jimin has achieved unprecedented levels of fame around the world. He’s an all-around talent who’s made a reputation for himself in every aspect of the entertainment industry, from dancing to singing to acting to composing and producing songs.

This is why each of his solo albums consistently achieves unprecedented heights of popularity across the world’s music charts. According to reports, Jimin’s ‘Filter,’ which he performed, and ‘Friends,’ which he wrote, composed, and produced, were both nominated for Song of the Year at the 2020 Gaon Music Awards, marking the first time a BTS solo song and a song produced by an individual BTS member, respectively, have been nominated for the award.

It’s the first time a Korean song has been utilised as an OST in a high-profile Hollywood global distribution picture, as ‘Friends’ was featured in Marvel Studios’ blockbuster ‘Eternals.’ It was the first Korean audio track to achieve 100 million streaming on YouTube.

most Used OST on TikTok and Instagram
most Used OST on TikTok and Instagram

It holds the record for the most #1s on iTunes for any B-side track, in addition to being the most played the solo song from the ‘MOTS:7’ album on Spotify and the most streamed solo song by an idol group on Melon (117).

When it comes to India’s two most popular music streaming services, Gaana and JioSaavn, Jimin is by far the most popular member of BTS. After the album’s title track, ‘Lie’ by Jimin is the most-streamed solo music from ‘WINGS’ on Spotify.

His most recent single, a collaboration with Ha Sungwoon titled “With You,” has broken new ground by becoming the most streamed Korean OST of 2022 on both YouTube and Spotify (Global Spotify and South Korea Spotify).

All of these accomplishments are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the success of Jimin‘s solo efforts, and his unrivalled chart success is reflected across Jimin’s many social media channels.

According to a report from TikTok’s data dump on November 24th, more than 200 thousand videos on the platform have included ‘With You,’ making it the most used OST by a member of BTS. The same holds true on Instagram, where the song has been featured in over 94,000 highlights, making it the most frequently featured OST by a BTS member on the platform.

Over 146,000 reels have been produced using it so far, and it still holds the record for most reels produced on the platform. Also on the same site, his own hashtag #Jimin has been seen more than 123 billion times and is currently the second most-viewed hashtag overall.

If you add up the views for the top six spellings of his name on Tiktok, you’ll see that he has more than 175 billion. As of November 28th, ‘With You‘ had surpassed 174 million streams on Spotify, making it the quickest Korean OST to reach this milestone.

The song also broke the record for the most streamed OST of 2022 on Melon on November 29 with over 44.2 million plays. As with all of his previous solo efforts, the song’s unexpected popularity has heightened anticipation for his upcoming official debut. They anticipate his debut album to break records on its first day of release.

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