Jin From BTS Drops The Teaser For His Upcoming Solo Music Video! Watch Video Here

Jin From BTS Drops The Teaser For His Upcoming Solo Music Video! Watch Video Here. A teaser for Jin’s debut solo single, The Astronaut, has been made available. The preview has a distinct ‘Stranger Things feel, and the fans can’t get enough. On October 28, Jin and the British rock band Coldplay will release the music video for their collaboratively written and performed song.

Some sources state that a large-scale video shoot has taken place, with a team of about 80 people, a color department, a visual effects department, and several production assistants. Recently, the singer was also seen at a Coldplay show. The teaser depicts Jin in what appears to be a desolate region in another world. You may also read K-Pop

The fans are ecstatic because they feel the teaser has a strong ‘Stranger Things atmosphere. Fans were also shocked to find that after all this action, Jin returned to V-Live and played the game for another three hours while recording a serious video. Jin will be playing with Coldplay and is now based in Argentina.

After a year of speculation, Jin’s mandatory military duty was announced this week, thus this is his parting gift to his admirers. Meanwhile, BTS, who just performed in Busan on the 15th (their last concert), will premiere new choreography and a new smash song called “Run BTS.”

Their agency made the announcement that after they both finish their mandatory military service in 2025, they will be reuniting. Soon after tomorrow’s release of Jin’s solo album, ARMY will receive new solo material from RM and Jimin.

The band has also put out four 2022 Grammy Award submissions. They include “Yet To Come,” “Left and Right,” and “My Universe,” a joint effort between Coldplay and Jungkook.

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