#Jin is Ranked First Among K-pop Soloists in Rolling Stone ‘The 100 Best Songs of 2022’

Jin is Ranked First Among K-pop Soloists in Rolling Stone: Since the year 2020, Rolling Stone has hailed Jin as a musical genius for his exceptional songwriting and singing. Rob Sheffield, an esteemed music reviewer, ranked Jin’s composition “Moon” as the seventh best song of 2020.

Jin, the lone K-pop artist in the Top 5, also wrote the fifth-best boyband song of all time. Jin unquestionably has an innate ability to create music, as he consistently produces works that are grand, mighty, and stunningly beautiful. His music is a way for him to express himself.


The Astronaut, his first single, was written and produced by him and Max Martin and featured contributions from Coldplay. The song’s success on international charts was unprecedented. The song was given a 4-star rating by NME.

A final countdown of “The 100 Best Songs of 2022” by Rolling Stone magazine has been released as the year draws to a close. Jin‘s “The Astronaut” peaked at #68, making it the highest-charting single by a solo K-pop artist.

Respected music critics are always taking notice of Jin because of his extraordinary commitment to the arts. The results of his first solo effort will blow you away.

Jin of BTS teamed up with Coldplay’s Chris Martin for “The Astronaut,” which was released as a message to fans ahead of Jin’s upcoming mandatory enlistment in South Korea’s military. The lyrics capture how BTS make their fans feel: “When I’m with you/There’s no one else/I get heaven to myself.” Fans will surely be listening to Jin’s strong vocals and heartfelt message in “The Astronaut” for years to come, especially while they miss Jin’s presence as he completes his service. — K.K.

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