BTS’s Jin Music Video Astronaut Has Remained At Top Of YouTube’s Music Charts

BTS’s Jin Music Video Astronaut Has Remained At The Top Of YouTube’s Music Charts Longer Than Any Other K-Pop Video. Both “Yours” and “Super Tuna” were released as solo efforts by Jin in 2017. Both set a number of streaming service records. After a year, he made his solo debut with the massively successful track “The Astronaut.”

Across the board, he shattered the records of his predecessors’ debut performances. For instance, Jin achieved the highest position on the Billboard Hot100 for a K-pop solo debut and had the largest Spotify debut of all time.

Jin Music Video Astronaut
Jin Music Video Astronaut

There has never been a K-pop soloist with more digital sales than he had in 2018. It’s worth noting that at five minutes long, “The Astronaut” presents a significant challenge when considering the music in terms of its commercial viability.

But that didn’t stop it from becoming a smash hit anyway. When making the music video for his single, Jin was involved in every aspect of the production. He was there at every brainstorming session when he articulated his ideas to the group of experts and received their feedback.

Jin, an actor and singer, delivered a cinematic tale in which he portrayed “the astronaut.” With over 41 million views, the music video has become a viral sensation. On November 13, Jin’s video for “The Astronaut” became the longest #1 ranking K-pop video on YouTube in the music category.

A record 17 days at the top, beating off Jin’s previous record-holder, “Super Tuna” (16 days). He broke PSY’s record on the chart last year.

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