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Jin Net Worth: Kim Seok-jin, better known by his stage name “Jin,” is a singer and composer from South Korea and a member of the popular seven-member K-pop boy band BTS. Soon after Big Hit Entertainment discovered Jin, he made his debut with BTS on the group’s self-titled first album.

His first co-produced song was the solo single “Awake” from BTS’s second album, Wings. Jin’s second solo, “Epiphany,” appeared on the “BTS” compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer” and climbed to the top of multiple overseas charts, including the “Billboard World Digital Singles Chart,” where it peaked at number four.

He is well-known all over the world thanks to his role in the popular band BTS. The band has continued to grow in popularity and is now recognised all over the world. Jin and the rest of BTS have won numerous prizes and accolades for their work together, including the fifth-class “Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit” from South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

Jin has hosted shows like “KBS Song Festival” and “Music Bank,” and he and “BTS” bandmate “V” collaborated on the song “It’s Definitely You.”

Jin Net Worth
Jin Net Worth

Jin Early Life

South Korean citizen Kim Seok-jin entered the world on December 4, 1992, in the city of Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do. His parents and older brother, Kim Seok Jung, are all successful businesspeople.

His older brother reportedly was the one who first exposed him to rap music. Jin went to a school called Bosung High. He earned his bachelor’s degree in art and performance from “Konkuk University” on February 22, 2017.

Jin’s initial plan had him working for his father’s business. However, he entered the show business after the South Korean entertainment organisation Big Hit Entertainment discovered him on the street and signed him for his excellent looks. Jin was pursuing acting training at the time.

Jin Career

On June 13th, 2013, Jin made his debut as one of ‘BTS’s four vocalists. Their first self-titled EP, “2 Cool 4 Skool,” was released in the summer of 2016. Jin sang lead on the ‘BTS’ single ‘Awake,’ which was featured on their 2016 album Wings.

As far as we know, it was his first co-produced single. He collaborated with Slow Rabbit, “Hitman” Bang, RM, J-Hope, June, and Pdogg to pen the song. In addition to its high placement on the ‘Billboard World Digital Singles Chart,’ the song also peaked at number 31 on the ‘Gaon Music Chart.

Later that year, in December, Jin posted a Christmas cover of the song on the music-sharing platform SoundCloud. V, another member of ‘BTS,’ and Jin performed a duet of “It’s Definitely You.” Released as part of the original soundtrack for the South Korean TV series “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,” the song has since become a fan favourite.

Jin received a “Best OST Award” nomination for this song at the 2017 Melon Music Awards. The singer’s second solo was titled “Epiphany.” On August 9, 2018, it was released as a preview for a compilation album by BTS titled Love Yourself: Answer.

On August 24 of that year, as part of the compilation album, the full-length version of the song was published. In South Korea, the song peaked at number five on the ‘K-pop Hot 100′ chart, and internationally, it reached number four on the ‘Billboard World Digital Singles Chart.’

Another member of “BTS,” Jungkook, is also a collaborator of his. Suga (Agust D) of the boy band BTS initially released the song “So Far Away” on his 2017 mixtape of the same name. Besides writing original music, Jin has also uploaded cover versions of songs by other artists on the music-sharing platform SoundCloud.

The May 7, 2015 release of Ra.solo D’s cover of “Mom,” Mate’s December 3, 2015 release of “I Love You,” and Yoon Do-June Hyun’s 7, 2018 release of “In Front of the Post Office in Autumn” are all examples.

Jin has contributed to multiple ‘BTS’ albums throughout the years by co-writing songs for those albums. For example, “Outro: Circle Room Cypher” from “2 Cool 4 Skool” (2013), “Outro: Love Is Not Over” and “Boyz with Fun” from “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1” (2015), “Love Is Not Over” from “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever” (2016), and “Awake” from “Wings” (2017). (2016).

Jin has co-hosted several music shows on television. Shows like “Inkigayo” (airing on “SBS”) in 2016, “M Countdown” (airing on “Mnet”) in 2016 and 2017, and “Music Bank” (airing on “KBS2”) in 2018 are all examples.

In 2017, Jin also had an appearance on the South Korean reality documentary show Law of the Jungle, which airs on ‘SBS,’ and in 2017 and 2018, she co-hosted the annual South Korean music show KBS Song Festival.

Jin was the eleventh most popular idol in South Korea in 2018, per information compiled by ‘Gallup Korea. In the same year, Jin and his older brother opened a restaurant in Seoul called Ossu Seiromushi, which served a Japanese menu.

In October of the same year, Jin and the other members of the band BTS (which has garnered numerous medals and honours over the years and owns seven “Guinness World Records” as of 2019) were granted the fifth-class “Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit” by South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

Jin Personal Life

While visiting South Korea in 2018, Jin splurged on a $1.7 million luxury apartment. Even so, he continues to share a home in Seoul’s Hannam-dong neighbourhood with the other members of his band.

He marked his birthday in December 2018 by giving food, blankets, and dishes to the “Korean Animal Welfare Association” and 321 kg of food to the non-profit “Korea Animal Rights Advocates” (KARA), which works to improve the lives of animals in Korea.

Jin Net Worth
Jin Net Worth

Cooking, dining, taking care of pets, playing video games, and snowboarding are some of Jin’s favourite pastimes. Sometimes, fellow ‘BTS’ members including Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook join him on his own “mukbang” show dubbed “Eat Jin.”

As of right now, Jin is a graduate student at the ‘Hanyang Cyber University,’ where he is focusing on things other than music.

Jin Net Worth

It’s estimated that Jin, a singer from South Korea, is worth $20 million. Kim Seokjin (Jin) is a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS (or Bangtan Boys). The Korean boy band BTS formed in 2013 and released their self-titled debut studio album in 2014.

When it came to album sales, that one peaked at number two in Korea and number three on the US World chart. In 2016, BTS released the Korean album Wings, which quickly climbed to the top of the Korean album list and the US World album chart.

In 2018, the group released the Korean album Love Yourself: Tear, which quickly rose to the top of the Korean album list, the Billboard 200, and the US World album chart in the United States.

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