In The Drunken Truth Trailer, BTS’s Jin Taste Some Homemade Cocktails Made By Chef Baek Jong Won

In The Drunken Truth Trailer, BTS’s Jin Taste Some Homemade Cocktails Made By Chef Baek Jong Won. Jin from BTS has more amusement planned! A new trailer for Jin’s new adventure in “Drunken Truth” has been released on the group’s official YouTube channel for behind-the-scenes video, BANGTANTV.

In order to test his own abilities in the traditional market, well-known chef Baek Jong Won joins him on the tour, making him no ordinary man.

Jin Taste Some Homemade Cocktails
Jin Taste Some Homemade Cocktails

Drunken Truth

The latest teaser depicts the two pals manufacturing their own alcohol, which they refer to as the “dream of drinkers.” The world is once again in awe of Jin’s lovely demeanour, honesty, and wit as he masters the art of creating some exquisite beverages.

He simultaneously issues a challenge to renowned chef Baek Jong Won to see who is more well-known than the two of them. He even plays out a scenario in which merchants only acknowledge him and not the cook because he is confident that BTS is better renowned, but his tactics quickly backfire when a different situation is brought to his attention.

The pair goes a step further to determine which of their handcrafted alcoholic beverages would be preferred by traditional shop owners and vendors in the marketplace where their chances are equal. The first two episodes of Drunken Truth will be released on November 12 and the remaining two will be released on November 19 at 10 PM KST (6:30 pm IST).

Secret Guest

As a special guest arrives at the show, Jin is seen extending a cordial welcome. Everyone is wondering who the man is, but some BTS ARMYs appears to have the answer as they point towards actor Kim Nam Gil, who was spotted wearing a similar suit and is believed to know the BTS member.

Additionally, Jin was asked by the actor to the showing of his movie “Emergency Declaration,” where their friendship was once more highlighted. In the teaser, Wootteo, Jin’s new friend, could be seen accompanying the singer everywhere he goes now that his solo single album “The Astronaut” has been released.

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