Jinn Season 2 :Can We Expect To See Jinn Season 2 On Netflix? Know Here!

Kabreet Productions created the Arabic-language supernatural adolescent drama Jinn for Netflix. Several sites in Jordan, including the ancient city of Petra, were used to shoot the series. Since its premiere, the series has been mired in controversy, which might lead to the series’ cancellation.

An ancient city in Jordan is transformed when two strange Jinn are unleashed into the human world on a school field trip. One is wicked, the other is nice, yet they are both tremendously strong. Students and the good Jinn must team together to stop the evil Jinn from destroying the planet.

Netflix’s Renewal Status For Jinn Season 2

Due of the current controversy surrounding the Jordanian people’s response after Jinn aired, we are unlikely to hear anything about a renewal for some time. The programme has been mired in controversy since its premiere because of two “immoral” sequences in the series. The character of Mira is the focus of the discussion (played by Salma Malhas).

Jinn Season 2

It was revealed that Mira had kissed two different guys in two consecutive situations. The character’s acts have created controversy despite the fact that they may appear innocuous to the majority of viewers throughout the globe. It’s not appropriate in Jordan to kiss two males at the same time on film in separate sequences.

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Claims of censorship by both Jordan’s Media Commission and its Royal Film Commission are disputed. It was so bad that Netflix Middle East had to issue a statement denouncing the online abuse of the actors and crew of the show Jinn.

Is It Possible That Renewal Will Take Place?

We don’t anticipate Netflix to continue the series until the Royal Film Commission of Jordan resolves this issue and the sequences are sanitised. Given that there were only two kisses displayed on screen, the conservative viewpoints may be interpreted as being intolerant in and of itself, thus we’re not even sure Netflix will renew Jinn for another season.

If Netflix intended to shoot in the Middle East, this may have an influence.
They have issued a statement outlining their position on the issue.

Jinn Season 2

When Can We Expect To See Jinn Season 2 On Netflix?

The Jordanian Royal Film Commission’s response to Netflix’s decision to air the second season of the show has put the show’s future in doubt.
If Jinn were to be revived, a new season would most likely premiere in the spring or summer of 2020. This is because the filming timeline is anticipated to be similar to that of the first. In August of this year, the filming process got under way. Season 2 will most likely begin shooting at a later date when the showrunners have begun crafting the scripts for the next season.

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